‘He’s Fine’: Vivica A. Fox Dishes on How Dating 50 Cent Keeps the ‘Young Bucks’ Coming Her Way

Actress Vivica A. Fox does not want that old thing back when it comes to her ex-beau 50 Cent. But, in a moment of comical transparency, Fox revealed she does have the rapper-actor to thank for helping her to attract younger lovers.

During her July 7 appearance on the “Wendy Williams Show” Fox shared that the well-known relationship has done the complete opposite of hindering her chances at romance.

Vivica A. Fox said dating rapper 50 Cent helped her stock go up among younger men looking to date her. (Photo: The Wendy Williams Show/YouTube)

“It keeps the young bucks coming after me for sure,” she told Williams. The “Set It Off” star then proceeded to playfully flirt with a buff, male member of the talk show host’s staff standing nearby.

“I see you,” said Vivica as she blew kisses his way. “A six-pack and a smile gets me in trouble all the d—n time, you know that. He’s fine,” she quipped as Williams worked to regain her attention from the chest-flexing eye candy.

As for 50 Cent being considered the love of Fox’s life, the actress said yes, the statement absolutely still stands.

“I can honestly say that that chapter is over. He’s moved on, I’ve moved on, and there’s peace,” said Fox. The actress caused quite the online storm in May when the rapper’s current girlfriend, Cuban Links, caught wind of Fox’s throwback photos of her time with “Power” creator.

While subliminal jabs were exchanged between the two women, the drama fizzled out almost as quickly as Fox’s and 50 Cent’s short-lived 2003 romance. Williams, making sure she left no stone unturned, reiterated, “but he’s the love of your life” before suggesting that maybe, just maybe they could reconnect now.

“You know what, I bet you if he called you tonight and asked you to dinner that you all, both, are in a space where it could work,’ said Williams. Fox wasted no time in letting her know she is already booked and busy.

“Well, not tonight cause I got plans. I got somebody else I’m meeting tonight. But he could get on the calendar,” said the 56-year-old whose beauty and youthfulness continue to stun fans.

“Vivica came out looking like shea butter wrapped in coconut flakes…she looked beautiful!”

”Vivica only looks better with age”

“I love me some Vivica, her sass, intelligence, control over what she says, and an all round strong gorgeous Black woman!”

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