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‘About to Help My People’: Rapper NLE Choppa Announces He Wants to Quit Music and Become a Full-Time Herbalist

Bryson “NLE Choppa” Potts announced to his legions of followers on July 6 via Twitter that he is quitting the music industry in hopes of becoming a full-time herbalist. A herbalist is an individual who works to promote healing with medicinal plants or ones thought to have pharmacological properties. 

Potts, who began his rap career after releasing his 2018 mixtape “No Love the Takeover,” followed by his “Cottonwood” EP the next year, wrote that the sole reason behind his decision to quit rapping was because he wanted to “help” his people. 

NLE Choppa attends the NBA 2K20: Welcome to the Next on September 05, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by John Sciulli/Getty Images for NBA 2K20)

“Finna buy out my contract and become full-time herbalist. Forget the music stuff about to help my people.” Before his initial announcement, the 18-year-old was advising fans how their diet, from the food to the herbs they consume, was the key to living a sustainable life. 

Potts also recently started a chlorophyll challenge for rappers. In this challenge, the “Shotta Flow” emcee adamantly suggested that those who drink “a pint of lean, or Even alcohol, drink a pint of chlorophyll.” The purpose of chlorophyll is to add the vitamins and minerals back into the body following consumption of anything alcohol-related. Alcohol ultimately leaves the system dehydrated and short of nutrients. 

One person in particular that Potts called for support was MoneyBagg Yo. In a July 5 tweet, the “Camelot” lyricist revealed that the 29-year-old accepted the challenge by sharing a video of the bottled package of chlorophyll he plans to ship to him. 

Despite initially creating this challenge for rappers to participate in, Potts extended the invitation to influencers when he captioned the video, “If you a influencer or rapper I’m willing to ship a care package to you just to help spread health awareness. Simply like, comment, or dm me. Let’s change the culture.”

This isn’t the first time Potts has used his voice to bring awareness to a healthier lifestyle. Last November, he opened up about the substance abuse issues within the hip-hop community. 

This concern stemmed from his worries about Famous Dex’s well-being and even urged Dex’s management to reach out to the rapper. He said in a Nov. 27 tweet, “I’ve never been the type to be in folks business but @300 y’all see @FamousDex obviously on drugs too heavy can y’all at least try surround that man around somebody with his best interest.”

Potts added, “Help dude out, or somebody who already is in his ear uplift dude he NEEDING it.” Despite receiving massive flak for addressing this issue so publicly, Potts later explained the reason why he did it was because it would “reach out to more people.” 

“Mane if I wanted to dm somebody about a cause it’s harder cause I don’t have a IG some people Twitter DM don’t show and plus this publicly needed to be said cause it’ll reach more people to actually help someone instead everything getting made as a joke until the joke be on bro.”

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