Video of Kevin Hart’s Trainer Repeatedly Dunking Him In the Pool Has Fans on Edge, But the Comedian Gets the Last Laugh: ‘Whaaaaaaam’

Kevin Hart and his fitness trainer Ron Everline proved that boys will be boys even after settling down and starting families of their own.

The duos latest antics showed them having a concerning blast in the pool. A clip shared to Everline’s Instagram account shows him repeatedly dunking the comedian in a pool as several of their friends and family looked on.

Kevin Hart’s trainer Ron repeatedly dunked him in a pool as wife Eniko looks on. (Photo: @justtrain/Instagram)

He captioned it: “Happy Sunday! He said something about my kids…sorry ladies…lol what a great time! 😂😂😂”

In the video, Everline repeatedly asks, “What you say? What you say? What you say about my kids?” before dunking Hart again, and again, and again. Hart’s wife, Eniko, was also in the pool actively trying to undo the trainer’s grip around the comedian’s neck to no avail.

An onlooker from outside the pool filmed the 35 second clip while also being heard yelling, “no roughhousing in the pool!” Eventually with both men smiling and laughing the roughhousing came to a stop.

While it may have been all fun and games for the friends, Hart’s fans weren’t completely sold on the shenanigans being innocent. 

“I was truly concerned for Kev after the 5th one!”

“So you going to drown that man in front of his wife 😂😂😂”

“Bruh Kevin at the end didn’t know if he should laugh or cry …“

Eniko also made sure to jump in the comments to clown Everline who thought for sure he may get the last laugh. “Can’t dunk a fish,” wrote the mother of two.

Not to be outdone, Hart made sure to get revenge. In a separate video, he posted him and Eniko on a jet ski purposely soaking Everline and his wife in a wave of water.

”So after my trainer @justtrain dunked me several times in the pool I strategically put this plan together… me & my wife were on the jet skis and we waited for @justtrain & his wife @dominiquebreanna to sit and get completely relaxed on the boat and then WHAAAAAAAM 😂😂😂,” in part read the video’s caption.

For the past week Hart has shared numerous photos and videos of his beach and pool antics, which includes him dunking an unsuspecting friend in a pool. Obviously in good spirits, Hart is making the most out of his time with those he loves and cares for while also celebrating his latest No. 1 film, “Fatherhood.”

The film’s plot centers on a Black father, portrayed by Hart, raising his daughter on his own after his wife’s suddenly dies following childbirth. Hart explained the film was important to him because it showed a Black father in a positive light.

“I love the opportunity of being a Black father on-screen in a positive light,” said the 41-year-old while speaking with “Sunday TODAY” host Will Geist. “Most of the times they’re on drugs, off drugs, in jail, out of jail. To have some sort of positivity behind it and maybe being a part of changing the stereotype.”

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