‘Through Thick and Thin’: DJ Mustard and His Wife Chanel Dijon Left Fans Speechless with a Before-and-After Dramatic Weight Loss Post

Music Producer Dijon “DJ Mustard” McFarlane and his wife Chanel “Chanel Dijon” McFarlane‘s weight-loss journey became a topic of conversation on Sunday, June 6, after a Twitter user named @blvkcouples uploaded a before-and-after image of the couple captioned “Then vs Now.”  

The before photo — timeline unknown — seemed to showcase the duo at their highest weight, while the after snapshot taken in May displayed the dramatic physical change over the years. Although it is unclear how the music producer’s wife shed her weight, DJ Mustard has credited in the past that he lost 100 pounds by hitting the gym, swapping juice and soda for water, and eliminating carbs and sugar. 

Many fans began praising the couple as they viewed the significant difference between the two images. A few mentioned how they loved the timeless bond between DJ Mustard and his wife Chanel, whom he married last year.

Damn she’s been with him through thick and thin….literally.”


“She was with him before the glow up that’s real ❤️.”

“Stayed down and came up together love to see it 🔥❤️”

“Love to see it ❤️.”

During a 2016 interview with “The Real” DJ Mustard shared his motivation behind losing 100 pounds. He admitted his love for fashion was one of the reasons why he wanted to change. “I like dressing in designer clothes and it’s hard to buy them if [you’re] overweight. I got tired of going in stores and I couldn’t fit anything, and overall I wanted to be healthy.” He also listed wanting to be able to play with his son as another motive. “My son runs around the house, and I want to be able to catch him.”

Following that initial interview, the music producer made headlines again last June after he revealed on social media he lost an additional 47 pounds by sharing a post celebrating his 30th birthday and the many milestones he’s accomplished in his life.

He wrote in a now-deleted post, “I’ve debated on not posting on my birthday because of all that’s going on but then I thought to myself, do you know how hard it is making it to the age of 30 as a black successful man in this world!!!? I do, and today I’m celebrating 30 years of life! I made a promise to myself in January before the lockdown that I was gonna focus more on my health, myself, get off of social media, and ignore all the distractions that I didn’t need! Well, here I am today, 30 years old and 47 pounds down!!!!”

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