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50 Cent, T.I., Swae Lee, Yo Gotti Offer Support to Meek Mill’s Campaign Against Cosmopolitan Hotel After Some Say They Also Were Mistreated

Meek Mill has gotten support from some of his fellow rappers after he was turned away from the Cosmopolitan Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas on Saturday.

Mill and others attempted to see a DJ Mustard show at the time, but security guards said he wasn’t allowed on the property. They also threatened to arrest him if he ignored their words.

At first, someone from the Cosmopolitan said Mill had a former incident at the hotel, so they refused to do business with him. But they later claimed to be filled to capacity, and that was the reason he was turned away.

That statement, however, came after Mill’s lawyer Joe Tacopina threatened to take the hotel down.

“The cosmopolitan issued a statement that was over capacity at a pool party why I was banned but told me I would be arrested just for stepping on their property even if I went to eat on the property not at the pool party doesn’t even make sense,” wrote Mill on Tuesday.

On the same day of Mill’s post, 50 commented on the situation and said he’s staying away from the hotel until things are rectified.

“Damn Boy, they wouldn’t let meek in 😆HA Ha ha i know he was tight,” wrote 50 on Instagram. “LOL THEY FOUL for that, I won’t stay at the cosmo till this is resolved.”

One day before that post, T.I. shared the clip of Mill being turned away and next to it wrote, “Please explain.”

Memphis rapper Yo Gotti also weighed in and said he too had bad experiences with the hotel.

“Unfortunately, I’ve experienced similar discrimination at the Cosmopolitan and other Vegas hotels,” said Gotti in a statement sent to HipHopDX. “It’s a disgrace that these establishments continue to judge us by the color of our skin and our professions instead of recognizing our artistry and dedication to our communities.”

“I stand with Meek Mill and all my peers in the Hip Hop community that have been disrespected by places like the Cosmopolitan,” he added.

Swae Lee, of the group Rae Sremmurd, also said he’s been mistreated by the Las Vegas hotel.

“I feel him 100 percent,” he told TMZ. “I was just there and they’re just aggressive for no reason to the wrong people. ‘Like back up, like the back the f–k up,’ like, for no reason.”

On Monday the hotel released a statement and said they have a “zero tolerance for discrimination.

Meanwhile, Tacopina wrote “Show us one other incident where a white individual was denied hotel club access or access to the grounds because Marquee was full?”
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