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‘I Can’t Tell Which Is Which’: Tracee Ellis Ross Fans Say She Is Aging Backward In ‘Then and Now’ Photo

Tracee Ellis Ross‘ youthful appearance became a topic of conversation on June 10 after the actress shared “then and now” uploads to seemingly showcase the differences between both images that displayed Ross wearing a cowboy hat. Although the 48-year-old’s message behind the posts remains unclear, that didn’t stop her legions of fans from commenting on her timeless beauty. 

Ross initially posted a digitized throwback screenshot image of herself wearing a black cowboy hat with a white t-shirt and a brown fringe vest. The “black-ish” star, who didn’t list her age in the initial snapshot, captioned the photo, “then” with a single cowboy hat face emoji. A short time later, Ross uploaded a most recent picture of herself, sporting a yellow cowboy hat with the caption “now” alongside another a single cowboy hat face emoji.

Tracee Ellis Ross fans point out how ageless the actress appeared in her latest Instagram post after sharing “Then and Now” photos of herself wearing a cowboy hat. @traceeellisross/Instagram

As Ross’s followers viewed both images, many pointed out how the actress looked like she hasn’t aged from her initial throwback pic, even though Ross did not indicate what the timespan was between the two shots. One fan, in particular, even asked the star the secret behind her ageless glow.

“You are aging backwards Queen 🙌🏽❤️.”

“Ok Tracee you gave us the hair but I need the skin. Your skin is giving 20s and glowing. What do you do or is it just good genes?”

Tracee Ellis Ross. (Photos: @traceeellis ross/Instagram)

“It’s the aging like a robust fine wine 🍷 for me 😍😍😍😍.”

“I can’t tell which is which🔥.”

While some people talked about Ross’ youthful appearance others mentioned Ross’s skin. One said, “Your skin 🤩🤩🤩.” Another wrote, “Now that’s a glow!” An Instagram user told the actress to disclose the details behind her “flawless skin.” “Dear lady of God how is it that you have such flawless skin?”

In the past, Ross credited her ageless skin to drinking 6 to 8 liters of water per day and using oils and serums on her face to maintain hydration in the skin.  

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