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‘That’s My Joke, Dawg’: Cedric The Entertainer Fires Back at Katt Williams Who Accused Him of Stealing His Material, Steve Harvey Responds

Cedric The Entertainer says, “no sir,” in response to allegations from fellow comedian Katt Williams, who recently claimed during an interview that 57-year-old stole some of his material during a performance for the “Kings of Comedy” in 2000.

On Thursday, June 10, Cedric appeared in an Instagram video — dressed in a fuchsia-colored polo shirt and stripe-colored fedora — and addressed Williams’ accusations in a nearly minute-and-a-half clip. The longtime funnyman claimed he has “no idea” what Williams is talking about, stating that the joke he was referring to during his interview was over 30 years old. 

Cedric the Entertainer responds to Katt Williams’ saying that he stole his joke. Photo by Paul Archuleta/Getty Images. The Joe Budden Podcast Screenshot/ YouTube

“I did the ‘Kings of Comedy’ in 1999. Probably had been doing that joke six-seven years before that. I don’t even know if Katt was doing comedy then. So, again. He a talented brother. I have no idea what he’s talking about. I’ve never seen Katt do a space shuttle joke,” he explained. “That may be something that he believes is true. I’ve written a lot of jokes. I’ve had a lot of comedians steal my joke as well. So, I understand he feels slighted by that, but that’s my joke. That’s my joke, dawg.”

Cedric recalled the joke in which he poked fun at white people’s fascination with space-related movies: “Drive a space shuttle to the moon, cigarette, cutie pie rocking in the background, parallel parking the space ship.” He maintained that it was his joke. “That’s all I can say about that, man. I’m not getting ready to be in no back and forth about this. I’ve been doing this, dawg. That’s all I could really say. Got a lot of jokes throughout the career. Lot of humor. Lot of doing it on different platforms. So, Keep rocking Katt. Do ya thing,” he concluded.  

The “Johnson’s Family Vacation” star spoke a little more on the situation in his caption, stating, “That joke has roots, tied into so many other of my jokes… To know me is know most of my jokes a very similar animated, characters acted out sense of humor.” He added, “I’ve had jokes stolen, I’ve had similar premises to others as well, but that joke has DNA thats over 30 yrs old specifically from Me. Cigarette hanging from the lip and all.”

Cedric garnered support from other fellow comedians and actors, including Tichina Arnold, who wrote “Very nice post” before complimenting his outfit. Longtime friend and former co-star Steve Harvey commented, “One of the greatest acts I’ve EVER worked with in my entire career PERIOD!!!!!!!!” He added, “Ced is the real deal💪🏾🔥💪🏾🔥.”

“I’ve watched you work since the very beginning,” expressed Chicago-based comedian Damon Williams. “Back to the days of driving to Chi from the Lou. That’s an OLD Ceddy bit ✊🏾👑.” 

As previously reported, during a recent interview on “The Morning Hustle” with co-hosts Headkrack, Angie Ange, Lore’l, and Billy Sorrells, Williams was asked how he felt about other artists borrowing or using his material. The “Friday After Next” star revealed he was “crushed” when he allegedly heard Cedric doing his joke because, at the time, Ced was the bigger star, stating that he took the incident “personally.” Williams later claimed that Cedric hadn’t been the only one to steal from him, whether comedians wanted to “acknowledge it or not.”

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