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‘Where Is Uncle Bernie?’: Camille Winbush Leaves Fans In Shock After She Shares Video of Herself Twerking In Lingerie

“Nessa! Nessa!” is the phrase late comedian Bernie Mac used to say to his co-star Camille Winbush, known as Vanessa Thomkins, on “The Bernie Mac Show.” Now, fans are saying the exact phrase as the 31-year-old actress left fans shocked when she uploaded an Instagram Live of herself twerking over the weekend.

Winbush appeared in a navy blue and black tank top, black panties, and black see-through tights. At first, Winbush danced flirtatiously at the camera, moving her body side to side. Then she turned it up a notch and turned around to shake her visible buns at the camera.

Actress attends the opening night of “Jersey Boys” at the Ahmanson Theatre on May 18, 2017 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Paul Archuleta/Getty Images)

The commentary from fans mocked how hard Mac or “Uncle Bernie” was on his nieces and nephew from his television series as he took them in as his own.

“Where is Uncle Bernie when you need him ? 😩”

“See, this why Uncle Bernie was hard on Nessa, lmao 😂😂😂.”

“AMERICA, LOOK AT THIS SH–,” quoting one of Mac’s phrases.

“All I hear is Uncle Bernie’s voice screaming ‘NESSSSSSAAAAAA 😂.’ “

“Y’all let her live…she is grown now. She isn’t Uncle Bernie’s Lil baby, no mo! Lol.”

“Bernie in heaven yelling 🗣NESSA‼️.”

Winbush twerking shouldn’t come as a surprise, seeing that the actress announced earlier this year that she was creating an OnlyFans. This service often contains adult-related content that creators can make money from those who subscribe to their page.

However, Winbush received significant backlash for joining OnlyFans. It led to the former child-star releasing a statement that she made a “mistake of reading comments” about her OnlyFans announcement.

“Overall, the majority were supportive, and I appreciate that. I really do. But I’m human, and of course, the ones that stick out to me were the negatives,” Winbush wrote.

Actress Camille Winbush claps back at Bernie Mac jokes after she revealed she is joining OnlyFans. @camilleswinbush/Instagram

She also addressed those using Mac’s name in vain to give their unsolicited opinions. Mac lived with the inflammatory disease sarcoidosis but passed away in 2008 following complications from pneumonia.

“So let me be clear – I am not broke or desperate for money. Bernie, God rest his soul, is not turning over in his grave. STOP saying that. Even if meant as a joke, it is far from funny. I do not need to call Tyler Perry for a job. I’m not spending thousands of dollars on school to get a degree so that I can get a ‘real job,’ whatever that means,” Winbush continued.

“I will not now, or ever be doing porn. YouTube does not equal an automatic payday. Working in Hollywood has never been my endgame. Hell, to not have to work at all is my goal. I made an OF because I wanted to, not out of necessity. I used to make life choices based on what people would think of me.”

She concluded by telling fans that she is an adult and that this is her personal choice.

For those still worried about Winbush’s OnlyFans content, the actress disclosed in her announcement caption that she would be singing, dancing, and sharing content like her skin care routine.

“I’ll be doing regular live sessions with Q&A’s, special guests, and most importantly — I’ll be able to talk to and connect with you one on one. I want to hear from you, so come thru! -CandidlyCam. My way = minimal nudity. So if that’s what you’re expecting, sorry, not sorry to disappoint,” Winbush wrote for her OnlyFans announcement.

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