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‘Perfect Example of White Supremacy’: Black Woman Claims She Was Fired by Detroit Restaurant for Offending Two White Women After Referring to Herself as ‘Light-Skinned’

A woman is openly denouncing her former employer after she was fired for making a comment that offended her colleagues.

Christine Turner said she was let go from her job after joking with co-workers that she was “light-skinned.”

Turner is Black and considers herself “light-skinned.” However, afterward the verbal exchange two white co-workers complained about the comments and Turner was subsequently fired from Green Dot Stables, she says.

“How do you tell me that two white women were offended by it?” Turner told WDIV.

Green Dot Stables is an affordable Detroit eatery known for its bite-sized sliders, and small dish selection, according to The Budget Traveler. They released a statement following the incident that read, “We respect the privacy of our employees and do not discuss personnel matters.”

According to the restaurant’s employee handbook racial jokes are not allowed, and employees can be terminated for disobeying the rule.

“To take a policy that was out in place to protect minorities and people of color and use it against a person of color because a white person was offended is a f*****g perfect example of white supremacy,” Turner said.

On May 24, she led a protest in front of Green Dot Stables and its customers, flanked by dozens of her supporters, including friend Nicole Stuckey.

“I’m really white, but I know I’m not light-skinned,” Stuckey said. “I know this term is used in the Black community, and she was joking about herself. And I believe that.

“To me it’s a typical case to where a white person takes offense for something that is not directed at them. You have the responsibility to educate yourself. On culture, on language, on everything.”

Turner isn’t necessarily fighting to be re-hired, but is simply attempting to get Green Dot Stables to realize the error of their ways, said friend Derek Grigsby.

“I’m sure Christine doesn’t want her job back but they should at least apologize, and make sure they what I like to call ‘repent,’ meaning change your ways,” Grigsby said.

The group planned to protest next day as well as to extend their demonstrations over the weekend.

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