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‘Don’t Make Me Take You Out at My Daughter’s Wedding’: Al Roker Reveals How He Plans to Deal with Unruly Guests at His Daughter’s Nuptials

“Today” show host Al Roker appeared on Friday’s episode of “The Tamron Hall Show.” The two had hosted alongside each other when Tamron Hall was a part of the “Today” morning show’s lineup.

Roker is the father of three kids but will be watching one of his children get married for the first time. His daughter Courtney is engaged and will be walking down the aisle this June.

“Today” Show Host Al Roker follows the action when H.E.R. (Gabi Wilson) performs on NBC’s “Today Show”at Rockefeller Plaza on August 30, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Al Pereira/Getty Images).

When Hall asked Roker how he feels, considering this is his first child, to say, “I do,” Roker said that his daughter’s husband is “a lovely young man.”

“They’re terrific together, so this is an easy one,” Roker said. “If the other two meet folks that are just as nice as West [Courtney’s fiancé’s name] with families that are just as nice, then I am a blessed man,” Roker added.

Hall then asked Roker if he’s nervous. He shrugged at first but then said, “It’s an outside wedding, so I am a little nervous about the weather.”

Hall chuckled at Roker’s response, and then the television host said that he doesn’t want people to complain at the wedding about the weather or compare Courtney’s wedding to theirs. “Like, don’t make me take you out at my daughter’s wedding,” said Roker.

Hall then questioned Roker on what TV dad he would most compare himself to. “Is it Steve Martin from ‘Father of the Bride?’ Is that how you see yourself? What dad version of Al Roker should I visualize here?”

“Steve Martin of ‘Father of the Bride’ was almost this clueless fellow. I kind of have been hands-off in a sense, and Courtney’s done a lovely job planning it, so my basic job is to keep writing checks,” said Roker.

Hall then laughed. It looks like Roker isn’t taking any mess from complainers at Courtney’s wedding, which would make perfect sense since he’s footing the bill.

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