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‘My Biopic Is Not on Pause’: Dionne Warwick Blasts Rumors Her Biopic Hit a Snag with Producer Embroiled In Abuse Allegations

Legendary singer Dionne Warwick is clearing the air as rumors swirl about her biopic being stalled before ever receiving an official green light. Talks of the “That’s What Friends Are For” songstress’ life being packaged for the masses first cropped up when Warwick took social media by storm by joining Twitter at the end of last year.

Since then the 80-year-old icon has turned the social platform upside down with her viral tweets, which include jokingly sassy responses to followers. In an April 29 tweet aimed at TMZ, who reported there were issues with the pending, Warwick stated, “My biopic with @teyanataylor is not on pause.” It was followed by a video of the singer dropping hints at what may be in store for the project.

The media outlet reports that major Hollywood film producer Scott Rudin was attached to the biopic, but recent bullying allegations may have soured that relationship. Rudin is accused by former employees of a years-long pattern of abuse that includes going ballistic at his production office, throwing objects, lashing out with verbal assaults, and belittling his assistants. 

Rudin became involved with the project in January when Warwick flat-out hinted at Netflix that she wanted her life story to be told by the streaming giant. She also handpicked singer Teyana Taylor to portray her, which was a no-brainer to fans who think the women bear a striking resemblance to each other. 

Warwick is not out of the loop as pertain to the allegations surrounding her former collaborator. In her video she said, “he hopes he comes out on the good side of all this rhetoric that’s going on.” 

Aside from addressing hearsay, Warwick divulged more details about the pending project, as well as sharing a new mystery collaborator has been brought into the fold.

“It’s a series we’re working on based on my life,” she shared. “We got quite a bit of interest which is very exciting. Something extra exciting also happened. I called on one of my dearest friends and asked if he would be a part of this project and he said, ‘of course I will,’ which is exciting for me and will be twice as exciting for you when you find out who this person is.”

As for who the person is … fans have a few different people in mind. 

“Tyler Perry or Spike lee”

Other guesses include Ava DuVernay, Lee Daniels and Issa Rae.

“You’re such a tease, Auntie! :)”

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