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Woman Admits She’s Racist While On 911 Call Falsely Claiming Two Black Women In Central Park Are Threatening Her Over a Cell Phone Charger

Amy Cooper, the first white woman, dubbed “Central Park Karen,” has been dethroned. 

After a now-viral TikTok video from earlier this week surfaced, an unidentified woman was given the title “New Central Park Karen” after she was captured accusing two Black women of threatening to beat her in an incident about a cellphone charger.

The incident unfolded at New York’s Central Park when TikToker Alana Lambert and another friend were vlogging their day at the park. In the clip, Lambert could be heard explaining that her portable charger fell from her friend’s CitiBike as they were recording. The woman picked it up and refused to return it without the girls proving it belonged to them.

Unidentified white woman dubbed “New Central Park Karen” after falsely accusing two Black women of threatening to beat her for a cell phone charger. (Video screengrab)

Lambert posted the clip to TikTok on Thursday, May 6, and it began with a shot of the white woman standing holding her bike up with one hand and her cellphone in the other as she spoke into the phone.

Lambert and her friend follow the woman in an attempt to retrieve the charger. Lambert’s friend asks her: “Do you have video [of the charger]?” to which she replies, “I definitely have video with it on, but she’s not going to give it back even if I show her.”

She then tells the camera: “This lady just stole my charger and won’t give it back.” She added, “She’s saying that I have to prove it’s mine, and she’s calling the cops on me right now.”

At one point, the woman is heard telling a 911 dispatcher on the other end that two Black women were “touching,” “threatening,” and “beating” her. “Ma’am, they don’t leave me. There are two girls. They are surrounding me, and they are threatening me that they are going to beat me or something,” the woman said. At no point in the clip do the two women ever touch the unidentified woman, nor does she visibly look beaten. 

The white woman continues to try to get away as she tells the ladies that they are liars and have to prove the charger is theirs. A short while afterward, Lambert asks the woman if she’s racist, to which she responds, “Yes, I am.” She added, “I pick my race over any race. What’s your problem?”

She then threatens to break the charger and questioned Lambert on who purchased it, stating, “I’m going to throw it away. You haven’t paid for it, your daddy paid for it, or maybe your sister paid for it.”

The woman eventually catches up to several police officers on horses and provides them with the same statement. Lambert and her friend rebut her claim, telling authorities that they have footage showing them with the charger, before the clip cuts off. 

Lambert uploaded the clip to YouTube, where she confirms recovering the charger.

In New York State, it is illegal to falsely report an incident, and individuals caught doing so could be charged with a misdemeanor or a felony. The young lady eventually retrieved her charger. However, it’s unclear if charges will be pressed against the white woman.

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