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‘You Can’t Keep Touching Me and Disrespecting Me’: Floyd Mayweather Sends Jake Paul Running in Fear After YouTuber Snatches His Baseball Cap

The road leading to Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul’s boxing match is paved with confusion and seemingly an overzealous little brother. 

During a recent press conference on Thursday, May 6, for Floyd and Logan’s upcoming June fight, things got a bit chaotic after Logan’s younger sibling, Jake Paul, thought it would be a wise decision to snatch Floyd’s hat off his head. The incident happened at what appeared to be a staged run-in with the championship boxer. 

Floyd Mayweather (L) and Jake Paul pose during a press conference at Hard Rock Stadium, in Miami Gardens, Florida, on May 6, 2021. (Photo by Eva Marie UZCATEGUI / AFP) (Photo by EVA MARIE UZCATEGUI/AFP via Getty Images)

Jake may have felt compelled to confront Floyd after the boxing Hall of Famer called the two brothers “fake fighters” and offered to fight and beat the pair on the same night. Throughout the event, Jake was seen taunting Floyd, such as untying the athlete’s shoelaces while he was on stage. When the 44-year-old met face-to-face with Jake, it started as your typical back-and-forth between two competitors. However, Jake turned things up a notch when he told Floyd, “I got your hat,” and actually grabbed his white baseball cap before running off.

Floyd lunged at Jake almost immediately, throwing a few punches that appeared to connect before security and Jake’s brother Logan jumped in to separate the two. Shortly after, Floyd managed to chase down Jake, all while threatening to kill him. The two were eventually broken up again, and Jake was escorted into another room. 

Over on Twitter, Jake released a post stating, “Honestly have had three easy fights as a pro so been itching for some real action.” He added, “1 of Floyd’s 30 bodyguards got a clean shot on me in the eye RESPECT!!”

Later that same day, Floyd opened up about the brawl and why he reacted in that manner, telling The Athletic, he felt “disrespected” by the 24-year-old. “You can’t keep touching me and disrespecting me,” he added. 

Social media users didn’t know what to make of Thursday’s events. Some even questioned the incident’s validity, including one person who wrote, “All those cameras were out and Rolling and yet we don’t have the video of Floyd Mayweather punching Jake Paul.”

Meanwhile, others found pure joy in seeing Jake square up with a real boxer, including one Twitter user who commented, “Jake Paul getting jumped by Floyd Mayweather is the funniest sh-t ever.” That person added, “It was about time he got punched by a real boxer 😂. All this for a hat that Floyd took back moments later 🤡.”

A third person wrote, “Floyd, Logan, and Jake Paul about to make a f*ck ton of money together over the next few months. The finesse is real. Not mad at it. At all. #boxing #MayweatherPaul.”

Floyd and Logan are scheduled to fight on Sunday, June 6, at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida. Jake, however, will not be in attendance after being banned from the event following his scuffle with the undefeated boxer. 

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