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‘It’s Because of Me’: Lori Harvey Reveals the One Thing She Convinced ‘All the Men’ In Her Life to Do

It’s clear by now that Lori Harvey has the men in her life wrapped around her finger so much so she has gotten them to take better care of their skin.

On Wednesday, she shared her makeup routine look for Vogue’s “Beauty Secrets” segment, where she not only dished about her upcoming skin care line but also about improving the health of men in her life’s skin.

Lori Harvey shows off glowy and moisturized skin. (Photo: @loriharvey/Instagram)

In the opening of the video, the 24-year-old shared that she has “really sensitive skin” that can “scar really easily” and shared which products she uses to keep that glowy look fans see on Instagram. A few of the products Lori featured were ones from the skin care line she will be dropping soon. She shared that not only was she testing the products on her skin but her boyfriend Michael B. Jordan, has become a “live test model” for Lori while she is perfecting the product.

But she also noted that Jordan’s use of the products goes beyond his testing sessions with Lori. “Now he’s very into his skin care routine as well. And he tells me all the time that when he’s on set the makeup artists compliment his skin now,” she said giving herself some props.

Michael B. Jordan isn’t the only person who has fallen victim to Lori’s skin regimen. The model said she’s “pretty much gotten all the men in [her] family on a skin care routine, [her] dad included.” She said before she helped him her stepfather Steve Harvey “did nothing” for his skin.

“So I gave him all my products and he’s obsessed. So if you’re wondering why his skin looks so good lately, it’s because of me,” she said while pointing toward herself. What Lori didn’t specify is when she first started helping her dad with his skin, whether she gave him products she was using at the time or her products that are soon to be released from her line.

In 2014, he addressed male grooming on his talk show “Steve.” In that particular show he mentioned he was using Kiehl’s skin care products at the time. Even his wife Marjorie came on the show a few times to talk about skin care, and one of the products she’s mentioned on multiple occasions comes from Kiehl’s.

Either way, Lori is right. Michael B. Jordan’s, Steve Harvey’s, and her skin are all looking very healthy.

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