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‘Pay Your People’: Fans Slam Birdman After He Claims to Generate $20M to $30M Annually In Revenue from Owning Cash Money Artists’ Music Masters

Cash Money Records co-founder Birdman is no stranger to being embroiled in money conversations, but after declaring just how many millions he pockets from the work of his label’s artists, it is safe to say he will continue to be a topic of discussion. 

During a sit-down with Wallace “Wallo” Peeples, the flashy rapper and record executive explained how he makes a profit without lifting a finger.

Wallo (left) and Birdman (right). (Photo: 2wall267/Instagram)

“We license the music,” said Birdman during the interview for the “Where’s Wallo” podcast. “I just started letting people sample my s–t, so yeah it’s a gang of ways you make money with yo masters. We generate $20-, $30 million a year just on our masters.”

The 52-year-old went on to claim that his label, which he co-founded with his brother Ronald “Slim” Williams in 1991, can boast of having one billion records sold, half a billion streams worldwide, and roughly 600 million records sold on iTunes.

“That’s fact,” said one half of the rapping duo Big Tymers.

Fans of some of the label’s artists had plenty to say about the claims on social media.

“Like Ross said, pay your people…”

“Slapping people in the face with it…smh”

“What artist they screwed over they last good one”

Rappers Drake (left), Lil Wayne (center), and Birdman (right) pose for a photo. (Photo: @cashmoneyofficial/Instagram)

In the past Cash Money artists like Juvenile and Lil Wayne have accused Birdman of withholding millions in earnings from them.

“My reason [to leave Cash Money] is the same reason most artists leave their label — money,” the “Slow Motion” rapper Juvenile said to Complex in 2012. “When you put in that much work, you should be compensated for it. I’m No. 1 on this station, No. 1 on that station so I checked the contracts and went back over the paperwork.”

Similarly in 2015 Lil Wayne filed a suit against the label claiming he was owed $51 million for contract violations and delays in the release of his highly anticipated album “The Carter V.” Though both rappers reached settlements and somewhat mended their relationships with the label and Birdman, his reputation with fans remained tarnished.

“We eat [make money] together,” said Birdman of his relationship with Wayne, whom he refers to as son. “We business partners so he gon’ always be up the money gang because we done put so much time into this s–t.”

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