‘Consequences Are Finally Encompassing Everybody’: LeVar Burton Claps Back at Meghan McCain’s Question About ‘Cancel Culture’

Cancel culture. Many celebrities quake at the term and the ramifications it can have for their careers. And while some think people practicing cancel culture can go too far, others believe it’s not only necessary, but it’s overdue.

“Reading Rainbow” star LeVar Burton made a virtual guest appearance on “The View” on April 26, where the show’s co-host Meghan McCain asked Burton about his opinions on cancel culture as she dubiously claimed it’s being used to discontinue six of Dr. Seuss’ books due to their racist imagery. (Dr. Seuss Enterprises announced last month — in the absence of any apparent pressure campaign — that it was voluntarily withdrawing the six books because of their content.)

Levar Burton. (Photo: @levar.burton/Instagram)

Burton started by addressing the Dr. Seuss development. He said, “It’s interesting because I just for the Seuss Foundation did a voiceover for a video that they have put together to remind us that Dr. Seuss is more than simply a company that’s decided to put a couple of books on the shelf, to take them out of rotation, that man Theodor Geisel is responsible for generations of wholesome healthy, wonderful imaginative creative content for children of all ages. So I think we need to put things in perspective.”

He went on to explain his thoughts on cancel culture. He said, “I think it’s misnamed, that’s a misnomer. I think we have a consequence culture and that consequences are finally encompassing everybody in the society. Whereas they haven’t been ever in this country. So I think there are good signs that are happening in the culture right now and I think it has everything to do with the new awareness on people who were simply unaware of the real nature of life in this country for people who have been othered since this nation began.”

Burton has been in the headlines a lot lately, mainly because he’s been asking to become the next host for “Jeopardy!” after their longtime host Alex Trebek passed away last year. He was also backed by many fans who decided to start a petition with over 200,000 signatures on it. Burton and his fans’ campaigning paid off when it was announced last week that he was chosen to be one of the guest hosts this summer.

“For a long time, 2013, I tweeted it for the first time how much I would love to have that job when Alex retired. More than anything, I am eager to put my skills up against those of anyone else in contention and then let the chips fall where they may. The important thing for me is that I have an opportunity to compete for the job, and that’s all I’ve ever really wanted,” he told the hosts of “The View.”

“Jeopardy’s” executive producer Mike Richards said it may not be until “the end of this season or the summer” that they will decide who will fill the legendary shoes of Trebek to carry on as the game show’s permanent host. Burton is guest hosting for episodes that will air from July 26 to July 30.

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