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‘I Was Tired of Trying to Make Things Work’: Entertainment Host Nina Parker Becomes First Black Woman to Own a Plus-Size Clothing Line in Macy’s

It looks like besides reporting entertainment news, fashion is Nina Parker’s passion.

The E! News “Nightly Pop” host reportedly is coming out with a plus-sized collection in May. But that’s not all the outspoken host has to celebrate; she’s also making history as being the first Black woman to ever have a plus-sized collection displayed in Macy’s.

Nina Parker (Photo: @ninaparker/Instagram)

While reposting the news on Instagram, Parker wrote, “I don’t even have the words to express how just unbelievably happy I am. I’m just a girl who had a vision and I’m just so thankful and grateful that @macys believed in it and ME. I want women to feel empowered and seen. And trust this is JUST THE BEGINNING. Mark 5/14 on your calendars because the NINA PARKER collection will be in MACY’S all over the country!!!!! God is so good!!! Now hot girl summer can begin!!!! Click the link in bio for more information!! Also a huge huge thank you to my partners @reunitedclothing, working with you all is a dream come true!”

Before coming up with the idea to create her clothing line, Parker struggled to find suitable clothing to wear. She said, “I was tired of trying to make things work.” She realized her options for work attire were not as exciting as the clothing her counterparts would wear. “My stylist and I were trying to find stuff off of the rack and it just wasn’t comparable to my counterparts. ‘It felt really unfair, like, ‘Yes, I am bigger than them, but does that mean I don’t matter as much because my waist is bigger?’ ”

Parker took her personal styling into her own hands in 2020 when she designed her own look for the Oscar Awards and again for the 2021 Golden Globes Awards. That’s when she decided to go bigger and start creating pieces for all women that might be dealing with similar issues.

“I want them to feel like they matter, like they are a bad b—h. I want them to feel bossy, like they can walk in a room and everybody will take notice.” She made sure to speak her mind throughout the process, even when choosing the models. She wanted to make sure the models weren’t plus-sized with “flat stomachs” but instead she wanted shoppers to be able to envision themselves within the models. She said, “For me, when I’m shopping, I look at women who have bodies similar to mine to know how I’m going to look. So, if the person doesn’t have your body type then you might be discouraged. It’s important to me that our fit model had curves, a little FUPA, thick calves —those types of things women struggle with.”

Pricing for the clothing, which will include “form-fitting dress,” “loud prints” and “fun fabrics,” will range from $39 to $129. The collection will be available in Macy’s stores and online for the brand on May 14.

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