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‘I’ll be Damned:’ LHH Host Hits Back at Fans Who Want Her Fired and Request Mo’Nique as Her Replacement

Love and Hip Hop” reunion host Nina Parker finally addressed viewers and fans begging for her to receive the boot.

Recently reported last week, people were asking “LHH” franchise producer Mona Scott-Young to fire Parker and replace her with a new host. Several fans commented on Parker’s “dry and boring” commentary while others complained that she didn’t have the “right personality” to deal with the cast-mates. However, the television host fired back at critics this week after continuously being scrutinized.

Part II of the “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” reunion aired on Monday and people were once again attacking Parker’s hosting skills. One Twitter user suggested she be replaced with comedian Mo’Nique and tweeted, “Fire Nina. Let Monique host #LHHReunion.”

Well Parker got wind of the fan’s replacement suggestion and completely dragged folks who called for her to be fired.

“Monique DID host before & when she did y’all slandered her too. Y’all so worried about a HOST but can’t even put this energy into your own career,” Parker tweeted on Tuesday. “STAY TF MAD. I’m going to still be on ya TV. 11 years in this game and I ain’t moving.”

Nina Parker

(Nina Parker Hits Back (Twitter)

Parker made it clear that she’s a “professional host” who’s job isn’t a walk in the park.

“[I am] Educated & trained to read a prompter, have 10 people in my ear & listen to 20 cast members stage w a live audience. Being combative as a HOST won’t work w the LHH cast, you have to maintain a level of civility. Y’all talking but you’re a master of NONE.”

The television host went onto say that she refuses to tolerate disrespect from folks who’ve criticized her hard work.

“I’ll be damned if I let anyone disrespect me working hard for my dream. I work 12-14 days, work weekends and built this from nothing. FOH.”

Several fans applauded Parker for firing back at “LHH” viewers who were overtly rude to her.

“Let them know sis! 💯”

“Tell’em Nina!!!!”

“Tell ’em Nina!!!! We see you girl!!! Keep doing what you doing and making us proud 🤗.”

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