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‘A Lot of People Aren’t Your Friends’: DMX’s 12-Year-Old Daughter Raps at His Memorial Service, Swizz Beatz Offers Candid Message About Family

Rapper Earl “DMX” Simmons’ life and legacy was celebrated on Saturday, April 24, at The Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. His family and friends honored his life with roughly 200 people at the 19,000-seat venue. 

Before the service began, the area near the venue was filled with the sound of hundreds of roaring motorcycles with riders playing his hit records like “What’s My Name,” “Party Up (Up in Here),” and more as they accompanied a huge monster truck bearing DMX’s shiny red coffin past crowds lined up along the funeral procession route. “Long Live DMX” was painted on the truck, and the coffin had the Ruff Ryders logos imprinted on it.

An enormous white floral arrangement that formed a stylized X stood outside of the arena for the funeral.

Members of the Ruff Ryders music label, including acts Eve, Swizz Beatz, Drag-On, and more, rocked the mic to share the impact of DMX on hip-hop and their lives. 

 “Thank you for the energy that everyone has brought here today, the celebration of how great we all know DMX was, (and) what he has left behind,” Eve said. “This is so hard, y’all. He will rest in power, rest in love, but most of all, he will rest in peace,” she added.

Grammy-winning producer Swizz Beatz told the audience that he wished more people would have shown up for the MC while he was alive. “He needed everybody when he was here; we got to learn to celebrate each other while we’re here,” said Beatz. He added, “I don’t want y’all to show up to my shit when I’m gone, unless you was showing up while I was here. I want to be sent off with the same love that I had when you were standing next to me. The things that I’m witnessing from my brother’s passing was a big educational thing for me to learn. I’m glad I got to see it at this age. A lot of people aren’t your friends, a lot of people aren’t your family.”

Fellow MC Nas, who starred in the 1998 film “Belly” with DMX, said that it was “an honor to be here” but Saturday was a “sad day.” 

While DMX was surrounded by love, admiration, and praise, probably one of the most memorable moments from the memorial service was his 15 children, who took the stage with their mothers to honor their father. His fiancée Desiree Lindstrom and ex-wife Tashera Simmons were also in attendance. 

DMX pictured with daughter Sonovah Junior. Photo: @sonvoah_junior/Instagram

They all sported red and white clothing and threw up the X symbol in unison. A few of his kids took the microphone, but one of his daughters, 12-year-old Sonovah, rocked the house with her rendition of “Slippin” for the audience. 

“Ayo, I’m growing, I’m learning to hold my head up/ Ayo I’m growing, I’m learning to hold my head up/ Ayo I’m growing, I’m learning to hold my head up/ My daddy’s still holding my hand, so I gotta stand up,” she rapped. 

“Sometimes when I feel sad and weak, I can still hear him speak/ By all means, I’mma do what’s right/ Even by the dark, I’mma be the light/ I can do it even when I’m feeling sad/ You all call him DMX, I call him dad,” the girl continued. 

The “Ruff Ryders Anthem” MC’s daughter’s rendition of his hit track set Twitter ablaze with fans commenting on the young lady’s lyrical ability and making her father proud. 

“DMX’s daughter performing her own version of “Slippin” dedicated to him at his memorial is so sweet. She did that. I know X is smiling in heaven ❤️,” one fan tweeted. 

“DMX daughter rapping. My heart. She is legit going to carry on his legacy cause little mama got bars.”

“DMX’s daughter rapping bout how much she loved her father just made me shed a tear. #LONGLIVEDMX.”

“DMX’s daughter rapping that song was sooo cute.. that’s the future.. spitting bars like her dad.” 

DMX passed on April 9 at the age of 50 after suffering a heart attack. At an NYC church, a private funeral service was held for DMX on Sunday, April 25, with close family and friends. 

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