‘I Need the Lori Harvey Version’: Alexis Skyy Seeks Relationship Advice from Steve Harvey, Fans Think It’s Too Late

It looks like Alexis Skyy may need a little extra help when it comes to understanding men and relationships.

On April 20, she posted to her Instagram Story a screenshot of the cover art of the audiobook version of Steve Harvey’s book “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man: What Men Really Think About Love, Relationships, Intimacy, and Commitment.” On the screenshot, she wrote the word “Currently” with an “100” and green checkmark emoji.

Alexis Skyy reveals she’s reading Steve Harvey’s book (Photo: @alexisskyy_/Instagram)

Fans commented their reaction to the news. One person said, “I need the Lori Harvey Version,” referring to Steve Harvey’s stepdaughter, who’s notorious for moving on from a man when it’s no longer working out and wasting no time to date a new one when she’s ready. Other fans believed the book would be useless to Skyy. One person said, “She about 10 years late ain’t she,” without explaining why it would be too late for the Instagram model to get some knowledge from the “Family Feud” host.

Recently Gossip of the City’s social media shared a picture of Alexis Skyy rocking a blue patterned bikini. Toward the bottom of the picture there was a screenshot of a comment Skyy left under an anonymous person’s page saying, “Get ready for child support papas😘 since you want to be outside.”

The photo shows Skyy from a side profile with her belly looking a little rounded. An hour later Gossip of the City uploaded another post about Skyy with the same photo but with a different comment that Skyy left under the unknown person’s post. Her comment reads, “Awww can’t wait to see what our son look like.” It’s not clear if she was actually confirming being pregnant or if she was just speaking about the future.

Skyy has been trying to keep quiet about who she is currently dating, but some think it’s a jeweler that she’s been previously linked to. She’s commented under his most recent pics, and there is also a picture of them together on his page last year in March.

Skyy currently has one child, a daughter named Alaiya Grace Maxwell. It looks like time will tell whether she’ll be welcoming another child soon.

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