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‘Why Not Miami?’: Dwyane Wade Stumps Miami Heat Fans After Becoming Part Owner of the Utah Jazz

Just because Dwyane Wade retired from his NBA career in 2019 doesn’t mean he’s done with balling altogether.

The 39-year-old businessman has been expanding his portfolio since retiring, however, his latest venture puts him back into very familiar territory. Wade has graduated from player to part owner after purchasing an ownership stake in the Utah Jazz.

Utah Jazz part owner Dwyane Wade Photo: @dwyanewade/Instagram

According to ESPN, the three-time NBA champion plans to take an “active role in the franchise and region” and will collaborate with majority owner and team governor Ryan Smith to take the team to the next level.

“This goes way beyond the dream I had to just play basketball in the NBA,” Wade told the network. “I’ve seen Shaq do it in Sacramento. I’ve seen Grant Hill do it in Atlanta. I’ve seen Jordan do it in Charlotte. If this partnership is going to be anything like my relationship is with Ryan, there are going to be a lot of things that I’ll want to be involved in.”

Wade expressed how grateful he is for the chance to bring change at a higher level and doesn’t take the accomplishment lightly. “Unfortunately, people in my community don’t get this opportunity, and I do not take it lightly to have this opportunity,” he stated. “To make real change, this is where you have to be — at the top — and Ryan knows that. I’m thankful for him, and I know too that I bring a lot to this partnership outside of just my basketball knowledge and skills.”

The opportunity arose out of the friendship between Wade and Smith that dates back to 2019. Smith approached the D. Wade Cellars owner in October 2020 with the idea of Wade joining the ownership group, and the rest is history.

Wade shared the news on his own social media pages. Also, his biggest cheerleader, wife Gabrielle Union, dropped by the comments to cheer her man on, writing, “Lets goooooo ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️”

Fans also left a flood of comments giving him props for the major milestone.

“This is next level bro!!! Wow!! Major salute & congrats!! #Ownership”


“Black excellence”

“As a Heat fan didn’t expect to see this, but this is much much bigger than that. Congratulations, continue to be great!🙏🏾 Utah fasho got a great one on their hands!🌴🔥”

“Let’s 👏 f*****g 👏 go👏 a legend on the court and a better human off the court? Hell yeah, welcome to Jazz Nation!”

Dwyane Wade has officially gone from player to boss. Photo: @dwyanewade/Instagram

Proving that everyone is a critic, however, some commenters wondered why Wade went for the Utah Jazz as opposed to the team he formerly played for, the Miami Heat.

“Now for the selfish part. What about the heat😢😢😢. Congrats regardless”

“Cmonnn, why not Miami Wade? No hometown discount?”

“What about Heat Nation DWade?”

To the Heat fans upset by Wade’s decision, he had this to say: “The respect I that I have for that [Heat] organization will not go anywhere, the love that I have for the [Heat] fans — that goes nowhere. But this is about the next phase of my life as an investor, a businessman, an entrepreneur. For me, this is an opportunity to grow.”

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