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‘And the Golden Globe Award Goes to’: Fans Swoon Over Kaavia Wade Channeling Her Inner Nala from ‘The Lion King’

Kaavia James Union Wade is channeling her spirit animal that embodies the same fierce personality that she has…a lion.

In an April 13 Instagram video, the 2-year-old walked over to the unknown person holding a camera, wearing a lion costume. The costume consisted of just a lion head and lion slippers, and for her body she wore a plain white onesie. As she got closer to the camera she began to growl and mimic the mighty “roar” of a lion, adding a few swings in there to act like she was clawing at something. Added to the short clip was a clip of the intro to “The Lion King” theme song “Circle of Life.”

Gabrielle Union, Dwyane Wade and their daughter Kaavia James Union Wade (Photo: @gabunion/Instagram)

“Nailed my Lion Queen-Nala’s Revenge audition. Your welcome,” someone confidently wrote in the caption for Kaavia. Fans praised Kaavia for her performance in her “audition.” One person wrote, “Good job Kaav!!! We hear you roar 🦁👏🏽♥️.” “Amazing work, Kav!!! Definitely getting the role,” said another fan. Apparently, the Shady Baby’s acting was so good that one fan believed she deserved to be awarded for it. “And the Golden Globe Award goes to Kaaiva James,” that person wrote.

It looks like Kaavia can add “acting” to the list of skills she has in her resume. Kaavia has impressed her fans with other skills like swimming. She was only a few months old when she learned how to swim, and now she jumps into the water with no fear! At only eight months old, she called out competitive swimmer Michael Phelps.

But swimming and acting are not the only two things this toddler can do. She knows how to play a bit of soccer, and she is a comedian making her mother, Gabrielle Union, and fans around her laugh without even trying. She also sings. Just recently, a video was shared of her singing a song about her father on Easter. The song is called “My Daddy Easter Remix.” It definitely looks like Kaavia is going to be a force to be reckoned with when she gets older.

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