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Baby Kaavia Hilariously Tries to Run Gabrielle Union Over to Avoid Taking a Nap: ‘She Didn’t Even Look Back’

Kaavia James Union Wade is back again bringing the laughs to her fans. On April 7, a video on Kaavia’s page showed the two-year-old chasing her mom Gabrielle Union in her electronic toy car.

As Union is frantically backing away from her daughter, she says in a jokingly worried voice “I didn’t mean it, I didn’t mean it. I just said perhaps let’s take a nap.” She pretends to run away a bit before turning around and saying “Okay listen. Can you listen to reason?” Fumbling over her words she continues, “Babies need naps. All I suggested was just a little break. No?” Suddenly Union’s Shady Baby who seemingly was not in the mood to talk hits the “Two Can Play That Game” actress with her truck. “You just ran mommy over. You just gon run me over? You not gon stop,” Union asked.

Kaavia James Union Wade and Gabrielle Union (Photo: @gabrielleunion/Instagram)

“No Nap. No Cap. #ShadyBaby,” the caption reads. What makes the video even funnier, as it typically does, is Kaavia’s facial expression. As she is driving, she runs her car into Union’s leg, her face is scrunched up and she tries to honk her silent horn.

Fans, of course, could not get over how emotionless Kaavia was throughout the whole thing. Not a smile or even a laugh. One person wrote, “This baby stay fed up!!!! Done ran over her mama & didn’t even flinch😩😂😂😂.” Someone else who got a good laugh at the video wrote, “The fact that she didn’t even look back after the “collision.” Something else a lot of Kaavia’s fans do as well is defend her shady actions. One person wrote, “Well, my girl honked. You saw the car coming but you didn’t move, that’s on you. The jury votes in favour of Kaavia James, better luck next time mama 😂😂😂.”

Many can agree that Kaavia, whom Union and her husband Dwyane Wade had via surrogate, looks just like her father. However, the 48-year-old mother probably should get the credit for her daughter’s thick-skinned personality, and she said as much in an interview with People.

“She looks just like Dad, but I’d like to think the attitude is from me,” she said. Kaavia’s hilarious looks have been memeable since she was just a few months old. Since she wasn’t able to talk as much then, she substituted that by becoming very expressive with her face. Union said, “She will stare into your soul and tell you about yourself through her eyes.”

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