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‘Rich People’s Easter’: See Where Ciara and Russell Wilson Held an Easter Egg Hunt for Their Children

Ciara and Russell Wilson had an exciting Easter celebration for their kids on Sunday and decided to share the special holiday with their fans.

Ciara shared a video to her Instagram story of the two oldest children, Future Wilburn, 6, and Sienna Wilson, 3, having a fancy Easter egg hunt. In the video, the kids are scrambling around on a private jet to find their eggs. The mother of three is heard in the background of the video saying, “Si Si you have to look for a pink egg. Future you have to look for a blue egg.” Shortly afterward, Future replies “Do we get to eat them,” while continuing to search for the blue eggs.

Russell Wilson and Ciara are all smiles with their children on Easter. (Photo: @ciara/Instagram)

Fans shared their excitement about the moment in the comments. One person wrote, “Tell me you’re wealthy without telling me you’re wealthy! #lovetoseeit ❤️🙌.” Someone else simply put, “Rich peoples Easter.”

Win Wilson, who is the couple’s youngest son, was nowhere to be seen in the video on the aircraft, but that may be because he is too young to participate in the hunt. But his big brother and sister had the situation handled as they each were able to find three pink eggs and three blue eggs.

Win did, however, make an appearance at the next Easter event. Dressed in a suit with his hair combed over to the side, Ciara held him as she went over to meet the Easter bunny with Future and Sienna. The two met Mr. and Mrs. Bunny on a wide field that had a few bouncy houses for the children. Russell, who was recording the moment, walked over to his wife and child saying, “Win’s first Easter. Win, it’s your first Easter,” as Ciara replied, “It is.”

Before ending the occasion, the family of five took a family photo with the fellows wearing their blue tuxedos, Sienna wearing a floral dress, and Ciara sporting an all-white jumpsuit.

Most people know Easter holds more meaning than traditional symbols such as colorful eggs and chocolate bunnies that come with it. It’s a day for Christians to honor the resurrection of Jesus Christ. So it is no surprise that Ciara and Russell are celebrating since they have said on multiple occasions that they are devout Christians.

In their GQ magazine interview, they shared that their faith and religion are what keeps their marriage grounded. Wilson said, “God is the center of it all for us. And that’s a foundation for us. I think as we get to do everything together, business, life, kids, you know, parenthood, all that stuff, in every one of those categories the center of it is God and our faith.”

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