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‘I Never Saw It Encouraged’: Tia Mowry Talks About About Her Mental Health Journey and Why She is Attending Therapy

Tia Mowry candidly opened up about her mental health journey on April 1 while sharing a stream of photos of herself sporting a bright yellow dress and jumbo braids. Mowry told millions of her followers that she had been hesitant about attending therapy because it wasn’t highly “encouraged.” 

She said, “Let’s talk about #mentalhealth. For a long time, I’ve stayed away from the idea of #therapy. I don’t know why, but maybe because I never saw it encouraged. However, a good friend of mine told me, ‘You focus on your physical health, why not your mental health?’ So, after years of suggesting, I gave it a try.”

Tia Mowry opens up about mental health and why she was initially hesitant to attend therapy. @tiamowry/Instagram

The mother of two continued by disclosing the lessons she’s learned since taking her mental health seriously. “I’m here to tell you that #therapy has changed my #life. The #mantra that I’m currently meditating on is this. ‘Let go of anything that does not serve you.’ You are deserving of your #joy #peace and #happiness. Let it go! 🌞”

Although Mowry never publicly disclosed what mental health issues she was facing at the time that prompted to attend therapy, her sister Tamera Mowry revealed in past interviews that they went to therapy together to develop better communication skills.

Mowry’s “The Game” co-stars Wendy Raquel Robinson and Brittany Daniels, alongside thousands of fans, applauded the actress for her transparency and for the advice. Robinson wrote, “Yeassss to ALL OF THIS❤️❤️❤️❤️.” At the same time, Daniels shared numerous hand-clapping emojis.

“Beautiful inside and out. Thank you for all you are & share. ❤️.”

“Therapy is a game changer!!”

“Yes, [mental] health is very important but often forgotten about ❤️.”

Earlier in the day, Mowry sat down with “Entertainment Tonight” to promote season 3 of her hit Netflix show “Family Reunion,” when she discussed her long-awaited reunion with her sister Tamera Mowry

Last October Tamera revealed to “ET” that she and her sister had been able to see each other in person for about six months during the pandemic. This week Tia said, “I was able to see my sister and then also for Easter, the day before Easter, we will finally be able to get the whole family together to see each other. So, you know, the time that I did get to see my sister, it was just me and her.”

She added how excited they were to be in each other’s presence and what they are looking forward to this Easter holiday. “Yes, of course, we were so happy to see each other and we hadn’t seen each other in so long. … I haven’t gotten to see my niece and my nephew either, so we’re really looking forward to the weekend so that we could spend time with the whole entire family, so we’re very excited.”

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