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Corny Joke Time? Tina Lawson Mistakes Jazmine Sullivan for Tamar Braxton, Fans Are Trying to Decide If It’s an April Fool Joke

Beyoncé’s mother, Tina Lawson, is known for her corny jokes, and it looks like she may be trying to get the crown for being the one to pull the biggest prank on April Fools’ Day.

On April 1, she uploaded two clips of Jazmine Sullivan singing her hit song “Pick Up Your Feelings.” The first video is from when Sullivan performed the acoustic live version of the song, and the second is from a recent performance of her singing it at the 52nd NAACP Image Awards. But Ms. Tina seemingly thought Sullivan was another R&B singer, Tamar Braxton.

Tina Lawson. (Photo: @tinalawson/Instagram)

For the caption, she wrote, “Sing this morning Tamar @tamarbraxton . Soul for breakfast!!!!!!❤️”

Some fans quickly tried to correct Tina while others suspected this might have been part of her “Corny Joke Time” act. One person said, “Y’all it’s April fools day. You know Mama Tina knows who this is 😂😂.” Someone else who seemingly fell for the joke said, “But tell me why I was watching for Tamar in this video knowing damn well she aint featured lmaooo 🤣🤣🤣🤣.”

Usually, Lawson announces when she is about to do her corny jokes, and this time she didn’t. So it’s not clear if she really was joking or if she honestly thought it was Braxton, even though neither of the singers look or sound alike. But the mother of two did go back and quickly change Braxton’s name to Jazmine Sullivan’s name, so that could be a clue that she truly was mistaken about the singer’s identity. However, it looks like she caught her potential mistake just in time before Braxton or Sullivan realized.

Ms. Tina’s “Corny Joke Time” series has been going on for about five years. It started as her just doing really corny jokes on social media and has grown into something more. Just last year, she and her husband Richard Lawson had a virtual celebration for their theater center called WACO, and during the event, Lawson had a few of her celebrity friends like Angela Bassett, Kerry Washington, Samuel L. Jackson, and many more give a corny joke.

As far as how “Corny Joke Time” got started, Lawson told TooFab in 2019 that her late brother was the inspiration behind the series. She said, “I came up because my brother passed a couple of years ago and he used to always have a corny joke, every time you saw him.” She continued, “They were terrible, but you laughed anyway, he just made you feel good. One day after he passed away, I said I’m gonna do a joke on Instagram and I thought I’d do it one time, but people’s reaction to it was so great, we just kept going with it.”

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