Monica Claps Back at Fan Who Got ‘Secondhand Embarrassment’ from ‘The Boy Is Mine’ Song’s Concept

Monica savagely clapped back at a fan via Twitter on March 28 after they bashed the R&B crooner’s 1998 single “The Boy is Mine” with Brandy. The Twitter user slammed the Grammy-winning song for its concept, which involves the two women bickering over a man.

They wrote, “‘The Boy is Mine’ gives me such secondhand embarrassment. @4everBrandy and @MonicaDenise fighting over a MAN when they’re both goddesses? makes me sick.”

Monica Brown
Monica clapped back at a fan who shaded the concept of her and Brandy’s single “The Boy Is Mine.” (Photo: @monicadenise/Instagram)

Monica reacted by retweeting the initial post and saying, “I think she and I both are more concerned that 20+ plus years later you’ve still not come to grips with it not being real GTFOS. Sincerely from the 90s.” A short time later, the mother of three listed hunger as the main factor behind her retort.

She said while responding to a follower’s comment about the initial “embarrassment” post, “Better get the hell on somewhere! Auntie ain’t ate yet! Lmaooooo! Don’t play wit me or B! That’s it that’s all.” Many fans applauded the “Angel of Mine” songstress for rectifying the situation. One went as far as to say that they loved how she stood up for Brandy as well as herself.

“Yassssss Goonica!!!!!!!!! @MonicaDenise I love how you stuck up for B and yourself!!!!!!!!! @4everBrandy.”

“Like…..TV isn’t real. Wtf? People take some stuff way too much to heart.”

“They should already know Monica about dat life!”

A Twitter user referenced the “embarrassment” tweet. They said, “Oop!!!! The secondhand embarrassment I have for her right now….”

The following day Monica announced that she and Brandy will be part of another “Verzuz” battle, this time partnered with Peloton — an American exercise equipment and media company created in 2012 — in honor of Women’s History Month. Both Monica and Brandy’s playlists from the previous “Verzuz” battle last August, which drew 1.2 million viewers, will be part of Peloton’s Artist Series. 

The 40-year-old said, “Peloton just launched their new Peloton Verzuz Artist Series. It’s me vs. Brandy. Join me on the Peloton Bike, Tread or App and get ready for all my hits. This is fitness like you’ve never seen it before.”

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