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Cam’ron Reveals He Has Over 200,000 People Blocked on Social Media: ‘Sometimes People Are Too Opinionated’

Many people have different methods on how to give themselves peace of mind on social media. Some take social media breaks, others stay away from certain gossip pages, and others decide to clap back at people writing negative comments about them. Harlem rapper Cam’ron apparently uses the most basic method to keep negativity away from his page: the block button.

On a now-deleted video that he uploaded to his Instagram Story last Friday, March 26, he revealed that he has over 200,000 people blocked on his social media. He said, “Let me tell y’all something about blocking people. Cause I got at least, minimum, two hundred thousand something people blocked. Minimum. At least, maybe more than that. Don’t ever feel bad about blocking somebody. It’s your page. It’s your sh-t. Sometimes, people are too opinionated on your sh*t.”

Cam’ron (Photo: @mr_camron/Instagram)

To give his fans an example of what he means he told his fans to imagine if social media were a house. “Somebody come in your house and be like ‘Man I don’t like your curtains.’ Okay, okay cool. His initial reaction would be to brush off the comment. But if the person continues to complain saying, “’I don’t really like the furniture,’” then Cam’ron would just say, “Well, get the f-ck out! Get the f-ck out! Why are you here? You don’t like a bunch of sh-t but you’re still are here.”

The 45-year-old rapper apparently wants zero negativity on his page. He even takes his blocking habit a step further to block anyone who decides to associate with negativity in any way. He said, “It’s crazy. You know what I do? I let a wild comment stay there for a while and then I block everybody who like the comment. It’s your house,” he reminded his fans.

It looks like there are still a decent amount of people that have managed to stay on Cam’ron’s good side. The “Oh Boy” rapper follows over 1,100 people on Instagram, and even after blocking 200,000 people he still has a whooping two million followers. After having multiple years’ worth of beef with artists like 50 Cent, Ma$e, and Jay-Z, it looks like the rapper just wants all positive vibes moving forward.

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