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‘Where Are They Getting This Money?’: Method Man Questions Credibility of New Rappers Who Constantly Flaunt Their Apparent Wealth

Rapper-actor Method Man wants to know what the secret is behind these new-age rappers getting so much money. This new generation of rappers have shown off on social media what their long money can buy such as expensive chains, jets, cars, and $24 million pink diamond implants.

In an interview with Math Hoffa, Method Man reflected on how much he would make back in his day versus what Hip Hop artists are making now. He said, “I remember getting 2,500 a show. ‘All I Need’ had dropped, and I’m doing shows every f-cking day. Seven days a week. I had to tell the manager to raise the price. … Next thing I know, I’m getting 25 G’s a show, and I’m forgetting cause I love what I’m doing so much.”

Method Man. (Photo: @methodmanofficial/Instagram)

To put it in a better perspective he said, “Now we’re in an era where these kids got more money than … son, I couldn’t imagine. I don’t even got a car. My kids got cars, my wife got a car. But these kids got four, five cars. I still ain’t taking private jets! I think I earned that by now. Where are they getting this money? They got a deal or some sh-t? No f-cking way that they flying private all the time. That money long as f-ck. At minimum, that’s 30 grand round trip.”

Method seemed to be seriously inquiring how today’s artists are making so much, so he can get in on a piece of the action. “Where are they getting this money from, can somebody tell me? I want to know where they getting this money from. I need that hustle.”

Hoffa explained club appearances, features, and music streaming — which was not around when Method Man began rapping — also helps enlarge these rappers’ pockets. The Wu-Tang Clan rapper seemed to think that still did not explain “where they getting this money from.” He broke it down some more to explain why something seems sketchy.

“Rick Ross is rich, we’ve seen the estate,” Method Man said. “He earned that though. We can see where he got his money from. But some of these — where is this sh-t coming from?! We can’t see it! Nobody really listen to your music like that, where did you get this f-cking money?! It boggles my motherf-cking mind man. Every penny I got, I know where that came from. And I still don’t live like no motherf-cking Rockefeller. Not saying I can’t, but I still don’t.”

On April 20, Method Man will be reunited with his “How High” co-star Redman as the two battle it out hit for hit on “Verzuz.”

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