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Naomi Osaka Reflects on Boyfriend YBN Cordae Flying Out to See Her Win the U.S. Open: ‘He Stopped Everything He Was Doing’

It’s been six months since Naomi Osaka beat Belarusian player Victoria Azárenka at the U.S. Open Final, but it looks like she’s still reminiscing about the day of her historic win. However, she’s not thinking about the win itself; she’s actually taking some time to show some appreciation to her boyfriend.

In the March 25 Instagram photo she posted, she sat snuggled up next to her boyfriend rapper YBN Cordae. The second slide on the post was a short clip of her realizing she won the U.S. Open final and a playback moment of her boyfriend jumping up in the stands to celebrate the win.

YBN Cordae and Naomi Osaka (Photo: @naomiosaka/Instagram)

In the caption she wrote, “Appreciation post for the mister because I feel like it today 😂🙏🏾this pic was right after winning the US Open finals. He stopped everything he was doing because I FaceTimed him a couple days earlier and said I was feeling sad and lonely in the bubble. I later found out that he hopped on a plane shortly after that call and then quarantined himself for a couple days in a hotel to see me and support. The funniest part is even after doing all this I’m still convinced he doesn’t understand the rules of tennis lol. (Second slide 💀😂).”

Cordae responded, “”AND 1″ 😂😂,” which is a basketball term that describes when a player is fouled while shooting the ball but the ball makes it in the hoop. The player will then get a free throw shot. Although Cordae more than likely knows what AND 1 really means, it’s his way of jokingly confirming that he does not know all of the tennis rules.

Cordae and Osaka presumably have been dating for about two years. It’s not clear when they really started dating, but Cordae first publicly mentioned her as his “girl” last year in July on Hot 97’s “Ebro In The Morning.” The “Have Mercy” rapper revealed in the interview that when he first met the four-time Grand Slam Winner, he did not even know who she was because he did not actively watch tennis. He said, “When you think about tennis I just know Serena Williams.”

Well now, Osaka has defeated Williams in three out of the four times they battled on the court. She won the Miami Open, U.S. Open, Australian Open, while Williams won the Canadian Open.

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