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‘Stop Playing with Me’: Reginae Carter Blasts a Follower for Making Negative Comments About Her Natural Hair

If you don’t have something nice to say, Reginae Carter does not want you to say it at all.

Tuesday, March 23, she posted a tutorial promo video showing fans how she applies a popular natural hair care product. Rocking her natural hair, she takes the product and applies it to her head, declaring that the product “keeps it strong and fresh.”

Reginae Carter. @itsreginaecarter/Instagram

One person who watched the video decided to comment on the health of Carter’s hair. They wrote, “Can you SAY DAMAGED.” Carter replied, “you see the bun at the top of your head in your profile pic look like it can use the same sh-t I need. Stop playing with me ! Atleast I’m tryna do something about my sh-t . Wyd ?”

The same commenter continued to antagonize Carter. This time she tagged her friend and said, “lol she’s hurt my sh-t over very healthy, unlike that sh-t and those edges.” The 22-year-old Carter clapped back once more to clear up how she really feels about the person’s comments. She wrote, “im not hurt. I’m disgusted at how black woman like myself tear each other down so mf much ! It’s sad ! But sh-t . You start imma finish . It’s in our blood I guess !”

Some fans who saw the spat between Carter and her critiquer supported Carter in the comments. One person said, “why y’all so worried bout ha hair like it’s yours , she just tryna promote and get ha coins mind ya business , at least it can fit in a pony half of y’all’s could nevaaaa.” Someone else said, “Y’all are so pathetic and miserable to comment on this girl post talking sh-t when u LITERALLY could’ve just kept scrolling. The energy used to put negativity in the air goes to show how u living rs👎🏽🙄.”

Carter switches up her hair often, and her go-to hairstyle these days is based on lace wigs. She’s rocked different colored wigs from blond to brown to ombre to blue to black and more. She’s also been seen rocking other protective styles, like faux locs, feed-in braids, and ponytails.

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