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‘I Don’t Know What the Hell Y’all Talking About’: Claudia Jordan Responds to Gary Owen’s Wife After She Alludes to Her Involvement In Their Divorce

Claudia Jordan denies having anything to do with Gary Owen allegedly cheating on his wife Kenya Duke after Duke called her out.

This week Duke uploaded an Instagram post blasting Jordan for her involvement in their divorce. She eventually deleted the post, but not before gossip sites caught a screenshot of it. In the actual post, she first addressed Owen’s alleged mistress. She said, “Dallas, TX-I have all your info. I am going to deal with you in a minute, I am a little busy now.” She continued, “You can have him but you can’t disrespect me and my kids in the process. @garyowencomedy Let her know a storm is coming.”

Gary Owen and his wife Kenya Duke (left), and Claudia Jordan (right). (Photos: @trulykenya/Instagram, @claudiajordan/Instagram)

She saved the space in the caption to call out Jordan, Owen, and his mistress. She said, “Tried to be quiet out of respect for my kids but @claudiajordan has me on one this morning. 23 years together Gary didn’t have sht but a raggedy pick up and good credit, no place to live. Dallas, TX your old ass should know better -Married not separated-married @garyowencomedy all the energy you spent lying, acting and creating a fake narrative for these btches that want to be me, you could have done it with a veggie burger and a glass of fake filtered water.”

In a lengthy Instagram Live, Jordan responded the next day denying the allegations. The former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” cast memeber said, “Never been a mistress in my life. Nor do I approve of that. First of all in my 20 years of knowing him not one of my friends have ever told me or have ever implied that they have messed with this man.” She later said, “I’m a one man woman and I don’t condone that.

“I have absolutely nothing to do with it,” Jordan continued. “I do not have a friend in Dallas or anywhere else that is this man’s mistress. I do not know what the hell y’all talking about.” She then addressed Duke directly, “Kenya, Tash has given you my number. You can call me and we can talk about it. I’m really aggravated with you that you chose to go messy on a blog when you could’ve reached out to me.”

On March 22, Jordan tweeted, “I just hope the apology and the back pedal is as loud at the false accusation. That is all. Carry on….smh.”

Now people are anticipating a response from Duke or Owen, whom fans have not heard from since news broke last Saturday that the two were getting a divorce after being married for nearly two decades.

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