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‘Just Wish Her a HBD’: Trolls Slam Charmaine Bey’s Baby’s Hair on Her Birthday but Her Fans Quickly Come to Her Defense

The first birthday is a milestone birthday, and that’s true when it comes to mommy Charmaine Bey. Bey celebrated her daughter’s first birthday on Sunday, March 14, and her social media timeline reflected it.

Over the weekend, the “Black Ink Crew: Chicago” star uploaded an adorable clip of her baby, Nola Glenda Bey, wearing a cute cheetah print outfit, rocking a beautiful hairdo done by one of her college friends Erica Franklin-Edmond. In the heartwarming video, the little one was seen being cradled by Erica, who spins her around a bit, showing off her whole look. 

Nola Glenda Bey, Erica Franklin-Edmond Photo: @charmainebey/Instagram

“Nola got her hair done!!!” Charmaine wrote in the caption. “Thank you to my college friend @1efrank for coming through and blessing my baby! This is Nola’s 1st time getting her hair did by a professional! Happy birthday nola!!!” Charmaine concluded her post, telling supporters to follow Nola’s Instagram page.

Fans gushed over the post, wishing Nola a happy birthday. Some even pointed out how much the little one resembled her father, Neek Bey, and her late grandmother Glenda Leverette Walker. “Omg she got Neek whole face she just lightskinned❤️,” one user wrote. Another commented, “She really looks like neek and her late grandma 😭🖤 happy birthday Nola!”

Other fans fawned over Nola’s hairstyle, including a user who wrote, “Awww Nola has ponytails! so adorable…” That person added, “I hope you’re practicing because she’s going to have a major head of hair.❤️”

“Such a happy baby!! And I love her cute hairdo!! Happy Birthday lil Nola!❤️,” a fourth wrote. 

Of course, some had negative remarks to make about Nola’s hairstyle, including one critic who wrote, “She should put barrettes at the end of the little braids to make them cuter ..and the won’t stick up like that. Not throwing shots so don’t jump down my throat.” Another chimed in, saying, “Can we please normalize telling the truth smh…. Happy 1st birthday baby girl.”

However, fans were quick to come to Nola’s defense, including one person who stated, “First it’s “why her hair ain’t never done” then it’s “she shouldn’t wear her hair like that” 🤦🏽‍♀️ Just wish her a hbd🙄. Happy birthday beautiful❤️.”

Regardless of what anyone thought, Nola appeared to enjoy her first 365 days on this planet, including a fresh hairstyle, a first birthday bubble bath, and even an Insta-Family zoom party! 

Charmaine Bey Photo: @charmainebey/Instagram
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