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‘We Love to See It’: Trey Songz Shares Video of Himself Teaching Son How to Swim

“Mr. Steal Your Girl,” better known as singer Trey Songz, is enjoying fatherhood as the 36-year-old spent some quality time with his son Noah Neverson and the boy’s mother, Caro Colon, last week.

In a series of gallery photos, Songz posted a pic of himself, Noah, and Colon at what appears to be a mall. The singer rocked a black hat, red shorts, and a black tee, while Noah sported a gray T-shirt, khaki shorts, and sneakers.

Trey Songz and son Noah. Photo: @treysongz/Instagram

Noah and Songz stared into a mirror and blew a kiss as Colon looked at her son and his father enjoying time together.

In another slide photo, Songz can be seen teaching his firstborn how to swim. Songz lifts Noah into the air, and the two briefly go underwater before returning to the surface. Songz then tells Noah to “kick, kick” to teach him how to swim.

“What y’all been doing? 😁,” he captioned the post as the singer was clearly out living his best life.

The adorable moment caught on tape left fans gushing in the comment section, as it illustrates Songz’s dedication to being an active father in Noah’s life.

“It’s the little kicks and reassurance for me ❤.”

“We love to see it.”

“Stop cause that was so adorable 🥺✋🏽.”

“Awww, this is sweet 😢😍.”

“Shout out to all fathers in their kids’ life.”

“Oh, my Noah is so big now!! Great job Trey. Our kids should know how to swim.”

This isn’t the first time that the Virginia native was captured spending quality time with his son. In September 2020, Songz took Noah to the park for a swing. Songz said, “ready, set,” with Noah yelling “go,” leaving Songz to push him on the swing, which left the toddler cracking up.

Fans in the comment section applauded Songz for the sweet moment. Colon and Songz welcomed their son on April 18, 2019 — three months after Songz and socialite Lori Harvey called it quits.

A fan speculates how Trey Songz and Caro Colon met. @Twitter

There’s no definitive account of how the two met, but a fan on Twitter tweeted that Colon has appeared in many of Songz’s videos, including the “She Lovin It” video, which debuted in 2017.

While no one knows for sure when Colon and Songz began dating, one thing for sure is that the two are enjoying the family life and doing all they can to give their son Noah the world.

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