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‘I’m Not a Movie Star, But I Still Have These Rules’: Will Smith Jokingly Shares Rules for Working with a Movie Star

Will Smith is putting his fans on game by telling them what the rules are when working with a movie star.

Although he miscounted, there were essentially ten rules. In the March 9 video, he says the first one is “never take the camera off me,” Smith quickly went into the second one, since it tied into the first: “When I’m around don’t ever put the camera on anybody else.” The third rule, which also relates to the position of the camera, is “when the movie star points at something, the camera can pan to the person or object.”

Will Smith (Photo: @willsmith/Instagram)

Rule No. 5, which was actually supposed to be No. 4, is: “Never interrupt a movie star. Never ask, uh, questions to a movie star before they finish saying what they were saying. And then when they finish saying what they were saying, then it’s your turn.”

Rules 6 and 7 were “Never infringe upon the sacred private space of a movie star,” and “Always be below a movie star when you’re shooting pictures of a movie star.” The last rule for the cameraman was “Never, ever go faster than the movie star.”

Will Smith. (Photo: @willsmith/Instagram)

The eighth rule was for “the movie stars themselves” and said, “Never act like a normal person. Do not be relatable. Do not connect.”

Fans laughed along with the video, and some seemed to agree with Smith’s rules and —perhaps seriously — claimed they apply them to their own lives. One person said, “I’m not a movie star but I still have these rules,” and someone else said, “Yes everyone around me knows these are the rules I live by.”

Another person wrote, “Will smith your such a jokemannnn😭😭😭.” The father of three has been using Instagram videos to his advantage to make short, funny, and interesting content for fans.

A few days ago he made a video where the audience saw the sink’s point of view of him washing out his mouth. Weeks before that, he made fans laugh with a video of him pranking his son while he was sleeping. One thing about Smith is his videos will likely catch fans’ attention.

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