Apryl Jones Says ‘People Don’t Want Me to Be Black’ While Trying to Explain Why Men Gravitate to Her: ‘We Have to Create This Scenario That She’s an Exotic’

Apryl Jones is going on another rant, this time about her ethnicity and how women are mad that she can get the attention of men.

A snippet screen recording of her Live was shared on Wednesday, March 10. The clip started with her saying, “And people don’t want me to be Black because they’re just so mad that certain people talk to me. And they’re like, She’s not Black, we have to create this scenario that she’s an exotic.’”

Apryl Jones. (Photo: @aprylsjones/Instagram)

She went on to explain that her haters paint this picture that because she is biracial she should not be able to attract the men she attracts. She continued, “Because guys just literally should not like her. And it’s like, ‘No, guys like me, sweetheart, and the reason why they don’t like you is because you’re negative and because you’re nasty and you’re a dumb b-tch. Because you just don’t know how to let go of the anger and the emotions,’” she said, explaining that the negative energy some women hold is what drives men away.

Giving what she sees as a solution, she said, “But if you can actually be a nice person and have a great energy guys would gravitate towards you. So you wonder why guys don’t gravitate towards you, and you wonder why when you can watch my Story and see my Story and be like, ‘Wow, how can these people?’ It’s because I’m a great, dope person. You gotta know that.”

The clip ended with her saying “I’m powerful.” Many viewers of the clip dismissed her comments. One said, “I’m not taking no advice from sis,” and another wrote, “She for the streets. Next !”

And, of course, someone brought up the situation where Jones was called out for dating singer Omarion and then dating his former band member Lil Fizz. “She still canceled for that homie to homie move yet?”

Although her relationships did not work out with Omarion or Fizz, she seems to be dating another high-profile person. Last month, she sparked dating rumors after she was seen out with Dr. Dre, who is currently going through a divorce.

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