‘Some People’s Whole Life Is Worth $7.99’: Karen Huger Throws Shade at Gizelle Bryant Following the Star’s Joke About Her Wigs on ‘Bravo’s Chat Room’

Real Housewives of Potomac” alum Karen Huger clapped back at her co-star Gizelle Bryant on March 7 via Twitter after Bryant suggested that Huger’s wigs cost $7.99 during an episode of “Bravo’s Chat Room” that aired the same night. 

Bryant was chatting alongside her co-hosts Porsha Williams and Hannah Berner about what the value of Huger’s etiquette plaque should be. Huger gave Bryant the plaque years ago for not following the proper rules of being a guest at a birthday party. 

Karen Huger (left) and Gizelle Bryant (right). (Photos: @officialkarenhuger/Instagram, @gizellebryant/Instagram)

In the clip, Bryant said while showing off the plaque, “I had a woman in my face all the time her name was Karen Huger, and apparently, I was not proper enough for her. So she decided to the etiquette rules. These are proper etiquette rules by Karen Huger. This is all in my mind trash. So I can’t even put a price tag on it.”

Williams jumped in and added a little sentimental value to the gift. “I’m going to add a little value, even though I love you,” Williams said. “But she did put it in a glass frame. She printed it out, and that cost at least about a dollar. She’s trying to teach you something. It’s a gift that kind of keeps going.” 

To which Bryant responded, “I would think this would go for a good, I don’t know, $7.99. Like, the same price as Karen’s wigs, $7.99. I mean, I’m just saying.”  

A short time later, Huger replied to Bryant’s remarks on Twitter by saying that people’s lives cost just as much as her apparent wigs. “Some people’s whole life is worth $7.99.” 

Many fans felt Bryant continues to mention Huger’s name because she’s obsessed with the 57-year-old.

Karen Huger claps back at Gizelle Bryant’s $7.99 remark on Twitter following “Bravo’s Chat Room.” @karenhuger/Twitter

“She keeps KAREN’S name in her mouth?!! She ain’t got s–t else going.”

“Gizelle is very much obsessed with Karen at this point.”

“Gizelle is the last person who should be talking about someone’s wigs & she clearly needs Karen for a storyline/check, so she need to run Karen her coin 🤷🏾‍♀️😂.”

One user wrote that they want to see Bryant continue pressing Huger’s buttons so it can lead to a potential drag session. “I want Gizelle to continue trying her so Karen can drag her every time.”

The last time Huger savagely read Bryant was last November, when the “RHOP” star appeared on “The Wendy Williams Show.” The 57-year-old threw shots at both her co-stars Gizelle Bryant and Robyn Dixon for their ageist remarks and her removal from Dixon’s Embellish hat campaign.

Huger started by minimizing Bryant’s business skills and even brought up her apparently discontinued makeup brand, EveryHue Beauty. “If Gizelle needs some help in understanding why or how to call a brand, tell her to call my people,” Huger said. “You don’t have a makeup line and have it disappear without saying goodbye to your customers who’ve supported you. EveryHue is no longer available to any customer. It was liquidated.”

The “RHOP” star then finished off her shade by addressing Dixon. She said, “They don’t understand because they don’t have the wisdom that we mature women have. Now, Robyn is a hard 40, and lookin’ every day of it.”

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