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‘Love All of You Today for Your Recognition’: Pam Grier Responds to Twitter Users Defending Her Against Someone Who Insulted Her Looks

To many, Pam Grier is an icon of the ’70s: a timeless symbol of Black beauty, strength and resilience. In her acting career, she became a household name through a string of Blaxploitation films, including “Hit Man,” “Coffy” and “Foxy Brown.” So, it was unfathomable to a large swath of Twitter users, that one of their own would come forward to publicly proclaim that he found the Jackie Brown star… unattractive?

On March 5, this particular Twitter user wrote, “For the record, I never understood what n—-s saw in Pam Grier. There I said it.”

LOS ANGELES – CIRCA 1972: Actress Pam Grier poses for a photo circa 1972 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Michael Ochs Archive/Getty Images)

The post prompted a swarm of message appreciations for Grier, and a good deal of trolling directed at the social media user.


One user said simply, “Dude said with his whole chest he doesn’t understand what guys saw in Pam Grier…bro Ray Charles can see it and that Mfer is blind and dead.”

Another person commenting iterated how seeing Black woman such as Grier in such prominent film roles was unheard of at the time. “This clown? Pam Grier is a black woman I saw in movies when not many were on the screen in the ’70s. Clown. Tamara Dobson was a queen I looked up to also.”

Someone else praised Grier’s power and attractiveness, saying, “I see beauty and grace. A woman you have to work for to win over… while knowing she could easily kick my a–. But it’d be worth it. Same about Viola Davis.”

Another user tweeted, “I’m not gay, and I see it! She never received the roles and recognition she deserved.”

Grier noticed the commotion when she saw her name trending on Twitter, and even tweeted to thank her fans as she was in the process of a good deed.

“Love all of you today for your recognition!” she wrote. “I just saw that I was trending as I was packing boxes of clothing for donations. I don’t need half of what I have accumulated. Our country is a family in need, feed not greed. Seriously….love you.”

In August 2020, Grier made news when she announced on Twitter that she would like director Ava DuVernay to direct a biopic about her life.

In 2010, the 71-year-old star released the autobiography “Foxy: My Life in Three Acts”. In the book, she discusses her journey to fame and relationships with Richard Pryor, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and Freddie Prinze.

“Twitter, what of Ava Duvernay directing my bio pic, a 70’s neo woman saying “I won’t” to a man’s fame & fortune “I’ll love you from the beginning but love me more in the end,” Grier posted. “Missy, Alicia & Cardi B on songtrack. Pal Tamara Dobson & Me walking down Rodeo Drive to Skin Tight?”

DuVernay hasn’t responded as of yet, but the suggestion received an overwhelmingly positive response on Twitter, with Missy Elliot giving an enthusiastic reply.

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