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‘It’s Going to Be Very Sad’: Drew Sidora Hints at Upcoming ‘Mind-Blowing’ ‘RHOA’ Drama

Drew Sidora wants fans to know that if they thought the highlight of the current 13th season of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” was Strippergate, they’ve got another thing coming.

During an interview with The Jasmine Brand, the actress was asked to share any bit of tea she could regarding what fans can look forward to in upcoming episodes, and she spilled more than a little when she alluded to a “mind-blowing” situation that will unravel toward the end of the season.

Drew Sidora teased a “mind-blowing” revelation heading to “RHOA.” Photo: @drewsidora/Instagram

“Wait til the end of the season! That’s when it gets so real and oh my God, I know we’re going to talk again because it was something I never ever ever ever ever ever expected would ever happen that was mind-blowing…” she excitedly claimed.

Sidora continued to drop hints about the storyline and revealed that the occurrence tested her own faith as well as exposed another cast member as the “low-level life that they are.”

“It’s going to be very sad that this took place because as you know my mom’s a minister, my mom’s a pastor; she has a church and I definitely I don’t hide my faith,” she stated. “I don’t hide who I am as a woman of God and you’re going to see that be tested in a way that’s going to have you learning about a certain someone and the low-level life that they are and that’s as much as I can say because there’s so much, but that part is going to…be very sad and disappointing and a lot of drama.”

Fans immediately began taking their best guesses as to who the drama could involve, with many commenting that they think the actress is alluding to something pertaining to either LaToya Ali or Kenya Moore, both of whom Drew has had issues with in the past.

“I remember Kandi mentioned something that ToyA does to Failyn that she didn’t like at all. I wonder if this is it.”

“It’s between Lotoya and Faylyn.. kandi said it is so awful and disturbing..”

“She’s talking about latoya messing around with a pastor… what happened to girl code”

“Drew talks a lot. And she doesn’t like Kenya or Latoya so its probably about Latoya”

“I bet it’s about Kenya.”

Sidora remained mum on calling any names at the moment, but fans can continue to tune in to the current season of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” airing Sunday nights at 8 pm EST on Bravo.

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