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‘Oh She A Supermodel’: Tamera Mowry Makes Amazing Transformation In New TikTok Challenge and Fans Are Obsessed

Tamera Mowry is taking part in a new TikTok challenge that is just right for her. On March 4, in an Instagram video, she stood in front of a camera wearing a white robe and big hoops on, and with curly hair.

As a slowed-down version of Rihanna’s song “Desperado” played in the background, Mowry stood smiling and playing with her hair. Eventually, she puts her hand up to the lens of the camera. When the beat drops, she takes her hand down to reveal her transformation. Nothing has changed about her look except her hair, which has gone from short and curly to voluminous.

“#Curlyhair: going from wet 👉🏽 dry. I love my natural curls 💕 I’m going make a point to wear these babies out more. #wetdryhairchallenge,” she wrote in the caption.

Fans praised Mowry for her natural beauty in the comments. Her brother Tahj Mowry wrote, “Oh she a supermodel. Ok ok.😍”

A hairdresser, who seems to have worked with Mowry on her hair, wrote, “I am soooooooooooo SOOOOO happy for you, your curls, and your journey 😢 😍 you’re here mama! You’re officially in the zone!!! Love you 💙,” and the “Sister, Sister” star wrote back, “@curlfactor yaaaaay!!!!!! Finally right?! Just have to keep them going! Remember? I want them down my back! 😘”

Other people couldn’t help but notice how ageless the mother of two looked. “Love it! And you still have that teenage Tamera glow 🙌🏽🙌🏽 will you ever age 💁🏽‍♀️,” said one person.

It has been about seven years since Mowry did the big chop on her hair, and fans who watched her on “The Real” and followed her on Instagram have had the chance to see her hair grow out beautifully ever since. In 2017, she talked about what doing the big chop meant to her. She said, “A women’s hair is like a crown on top of her head and I had relied so much on my hair as a woman to enhance my beauty. When I chopped it all off, I didn’t have that and had to look deep inside to find confidence and beauty within myself.”

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