‘D–n Savior Complex’: Waka Flocka Flame Doesn’t Understand People Who Record Themselves Being Good Samaritans

Waka Flocka wants people to leave the cameras off at times when they’re stepping in to help others in need.

The 34-year-old rapper got real with his followers on his thoughts about anyone who takes pictures or records video and then shares on social media their “good deeds” on behalf of the less fortunate.

Waka Flocka doesn’t understand the need to film good deeds. Photo: @wakaflocka/Instagram

In an Instagram video shared on March 3, the “No Hands” rapper bluntly called those who post proof of themselves being good people “corny as f**k” and doesn’t understand why more good samaritans can’t simply cherish the memory of their good work. He also said it wasn’t a good idea to record a person in need at their lowest.

“When I do good deeds, I don’t ever record or take pictures because why would I catch a person at they lowest point in life and plus, I don’t need a visual of what I did right,” he stated. I got to experience that s**t, the feeling, and that’s something you can’t take from me, you know what I’m saying? Take from them.”

“To see anybody marketing theyself feeding the homeless,” he said using air quotes, “or feeding somebody that need help, to me they corny as f**k man. I just gotta tell you that.”

Fans agreed with the “O Let’s Do It” rapper’s sentiment that the boastful nature of many of the supposed do-gooder posts is absolutely self-aggrandizing.

“I hate when ppl put a camera all up in a homeless person face 😒”

“Really makes me sick when people record it. Damn savior complex 🙄”

” AGREE! Those kind of videos make me cringe 😖 like just think of how that person is feeling on the other side of the camera 😣”

A few fans disagreed, however, and felt that the posts help spread the giving spirit.

“I understand where he’s coming from but promoting positivity helps spread it 🌎. As long as you’re doing it for the right reasons keep promoting positivity!”

“I don’t think it’s corny bc how would we know ppl are doing good in the world and I feel like sometimes it spreads awareness to situations we probably didn’t even know about but on the other hand I get his point.”

“I get what he saying, buuuuuuuttttttt, I also find in very enduring to see someone doing something amazing and nice for someone else as oppose to always seeing negative, but I get it.”

Waka Flocka declared that he would dedicate his life to suicide prevention and mental health awareness in May 2020, following the death of his own brother in 2013, and based on his comments, he’ll be doing his good work in private.

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