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‘Now Kandi Broke Her Own Code’: ‘RHOA’ Fans Blast Kandi Burruss for Spilling Strippergate Tea to Assistant DonJuan

Kandi Burruss got called out by “Real Housewives of Atlanta” fans on Feb. 28 for breaking the girl code by revealing details of Cynthia Bailey’s October bachelorette party to her assistant and Kandi Koated Entertainment manager DonJuan during Sunday night’s “RHOA” episode. The two met for lunch and discussed what happened during the eventful night, including the alleged threesome between BOLO, the entertainer and two “RHOA” cast members. 

Burruss told Juan while describing the bachelorette party, “At first, I was like, this is the dungeon, what happens in the dungeon stays in the dungeon. So I escorted everybody outside, and that’s where BOLO is waiting in a glass box. Just greased up, all greased up, You know what I mean.”

Kandi Burruss and Don Juan. (Photo: @donjuannc/Instagram)

She added, “Cynthia has the time of her life. When they seen BOLO that damn Porsha [Williams], boy, she look like she was in heat, OK? So you know, he did his dance or whatever, but the girls weren’t ready for the night to end. You know how these girls get when they start having their little drinks or whatever. A lot of them get very frisky. It was all kinda wildin’ out stuff. I don’t want to put nobody on blast, but it was a lot happening.”

The Xscape singer mentioned that the day after the party her “RHOA” co-star Kenya Moore claimed she heard sexual sounds while bringing her toddler daughter some food. “The next day, we had dinner. Then all of a sudden, Kenya started talking about what happened when she came downstairs in the wee hours of the morning and heard sexual noises coming from the hallway.”

Juan, who appeared to be stunned by the information, asked, “Who is on this hallway?”

The mother of three replied that her room alongside Porsha Williams‘ room was in the hallway the alleged sounds were coming from. Burruss also revealed that Tanya Sam — who was accused of being involved in the alleged threesome with Williams and BOLO — admitted to being in Williams room the night the alleged tryst happened. “So then I don’t know why Tanya did this to herself. Girl why did you tell them you was in that room all night. Why did she do that?”

The singer added that she didn’t want to admit this during the last day of the trip, but she did hear the same noises Moore was referring to. She said, “Listen I didn’t want to tell them that I heard nothing. Let’s just say I wouldn’t say that Kenya was lying.”

Juan interrupted Burruss and told her the car service that was scheduled to pick up BOLO and take him to his hotel the night of the bachlorette party called the office and said he didn’t leave the residence until the following morning. Juan then started making sex jokes.

He said while jokingly referencing Williams’ involvement in social issues. “BOLO mighta got him some ol’ social justice snatch. I can see it now. ‘OnlyFans: Social Justice Edition.’” Burruss joined the fun by adding Sam’s Instagram handle, saying, “You can call it, ‘It’s Tanya Time.’”

Juan finished it off by saying, “BOLO knows Porsha for real.”

Fans bashed the “RHOA” star because they felt she didn’t stand by the code of keeping things that occurred in the dungeon a secret.

“Kandi what happened to what goes on in the dungeon stays in the dungeon😩 Don Juan wasn’t in that dungeon girl.”

“Now Kandi broke her own code Chile.”

“Kandi pled the fifth in her confessional, but spilt ALL the tea to Don Juan ON CAMERA. Kandi, I need you to keep the same energy.. sincerely, a fan . It’s either you spill it or not . You can’t do both 😭.”

‘KANDI. We were rooting for you. How can you respect girl code in the confessionals, but spill tea with your assistant…. whew.”

Last week, Burruss called out her “RHOA” co-star Kenya Moore for the former beauty queen’s investigative behavior and trying to uncover who participated in the alleged sexual acts with the stripper instead of keeping it quiet.  

The singer said although she loves Moore and considers them to be very good friends on-screen and off, she disagreed with the 50-year-old’s actions. “At the end of the day, she and I are real friends. I love her very much, but obviously last week I disagreed.”

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