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‘Auntie You Better Serve The Children’: Mo’Nique Struts and Poses In the ICY PARK Collection

Many people are manifestation advocates, and they believe that if you speak something into existence, it may happen for you in real life. But what about just dreaming something into existence? That’s what happened to comedian and actress Mo’Nique. On March 1, she uploaded an Instagram video revealing that she was gifted with some pieces from the latest clothing collection of adidas x IVY PARK.

The six-minute video begins with Mo’Nique watching the promo video for the collection while wearing a white robe. In the middle of watching the video, she stops and wonders why she never got a box this time. She then “falls asleep” in the video and dreams about wearing some of the outfits that are a part of the new line. She dances, struts and even works out a bit in her new pieces. While doing her workout, there appears to be a knock at the door, and she wakes up to open the door and find that she got an ICY PARK box. The video ends with her smiling and repeatedly saying “I got my box.”

Mo’Nique models in IVY PARK. (Photo: @monique/Instagram)

“I GOT MY BOX❤️. Hey my sweet babies. My baby @dwightholtjr is so AMAZING & CREATIVE. Here we GO🥰,” she wrote. Her creative video received plenty of expressions of approval in the comments section.

One person said, “Auntie👏🏽You👏🏾Better👏🏿Serve the Children!!! You look TF Goodt and that hair is EVERYTHING.”

Mo’Nique (Photo: @monique/Instagram)

Someone else wrote, “This was so freakin creative!!!! So all we gotta do is dream about getting our box? Ok cool… stay tuned until tomorrow 😍.”

Another person said, “A whole movie! I do want to spend my money on @weareivypark just because of this concept. Mo is money and real business.”

Last November, Mo’Nique received a box from the brand’s second collection and did a promo video for that as well. She modeled the various pieces outside, giving her audience a clear view of how everything looked on her.

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