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‘Girls Could Neverrr’: Serena Williams Stuns Fans with Beautiful Dark Red Robe Look

Serena Williams is showing off on her Instagram page rocking a dark red dress that hugged her hips and landed right at her mid-thigh. But what really pulled the look together was Williams’ fabulous dark red feather-fringed robe.

She uploaded a post on Feb. 24, looking flawless while standing in a pair of black heels on a staircase. Along with the photo, she uploaded a short video of herself coming down the stairs as her blond hair bounced in sync with her robe.

Serena Williams. (Photo: @serenawilliams/Instagram)

“Glam ✅ Lighting ✅ Robe envy @chrissyteigen ✅✅✅,” she wrote, playfully mocking Chrissy Teigen after the recent catastrophe she experienced with her purchases. Last week, Insider reported that Teigen uploaded a similar feather-lined robe to the one Williams wore in her post, and said that she purchased one in every color that the site had since it was only $30. Once she received it Teigen was surprised to find the robe looked nothing like the photo. Instead of getting upset, the mother of two laughed it off and modeled the pitiful robes.

It is not clear if Teigen saw Williams’ post yet, but it can be assumed she didn’t, since she has not commented on the post yet. But one fan who seemingly had the same issue as Teigen did comment.

She wrote, “Wait a hot min I bought the same robe and it showed up at my door step looking so janky! I need answers! Lol! @serenawilliams.” Unfortunately, Williams has yet to respond.

Other fans gave their nod of approval and commented on how amazing the 23-time Grand Slam singles winner looked.

One person said, “Now that’s a real queen,” while another wrote, “Seee the other women and girls could NEVERRR!!”

Williams received a few more compliments with admirers saying that she looked like a “full course meal,” and someone else writing “Honey Child! You just shut the game down🔥🔥🔥🔥.”

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