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‘That’s What P-Valley Is for Girl’: Draya Michele Hints at Wanting to Star In a ‘The Players Club’ Reboot, Fans Aren’t So Thrilled

It looks like Draya Michele is ready to take her talents back to the big screen, and she is looking to take on a lead role. On Wednesday, Feb. 24, she uploaded a photo to her Instagram Story of Lisa Raye McCoy, Charlie Murphy, Ice Cube, Alex Thomas, and Samuel Monroe Jr. taking a picture for the iconic movie that they all star in, “The Players Club.”

On the photo, she wrote, “This could be me in a reboot but y’all playing.”

Draya Michele says she want to play Diamond in a reboot of “The Players Club.” (Photo: @drayamichele/Instagram)

She also posted two more photos, one of LisaRaye in character and dancing as Diana “Diamond” Armstrong, and another post with a picture of Michele doing the exact same pose as McCoy in what appears to be a Halloween or costume-party outfit that matches McCoy’s outfit in the movie. On McCoy’s photo, she wrote, “Then,” and on hers she wrote, “Now.”

LisaRaye McCoy (left) and Draya Michele (right). (Photos: @drayamichele/Instagram)

Fans were not a fan of the idea of Michele playing McCoy’s role in a reimagined film. In the comments section fans wrote, “There’s only one diamond sis” and “No.”

One person wrote, “That’s what P-Valley is for girl🤦🏿‍♀️,” referring to the Starz show that focuses on the lives of exotic dancers in Chucalissa, Mississippi.

Like many people typically say when someone mentions a classic movie being remade, another person said, “Every movie does not need to be remade 😂.”

The 36-year-old reality TV star saw what people wrote in the comments and decided to respond. She said, “Whew. My cousin said I could request to play myself in a movie and y’all would still say no. The hate be real but it’s def motivating. ❤️” She added, “Also. These shady posts sometimes stop people from opportunities.. but hey. Do y’all.”

Michele has starred in a few movies before. She’s had a role in movies like “Will to Love,” “We Belong Together,” “True to the Game,” and a few more.

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