‘I’m Trying to Decide If I Like It Or Not’: Willow Smith Gets Mixed Reviews on Her Rendition of an Old Alicia Keys Song

Willow Smith is showing her fans how “SUPER EXTRA” she can get with her vocals. The songstress uploaded an Instagram video on Feb. 20 that shows her multitasking by practicing her singing while showing a little TLC to her skin by wearing a face mask.

Showing off her rendition of the Alicia Keys early 2000 single “Fallin’,” she starts at a high note singing “I keep falling back in love with you.” She brings it back down to the note that it was originally sung in and continues, “I keep on falling in and out of love with you.” In her version, she added plenty of runs, dragging out the verse much longer than how it is originally sung by Keys. But Smith knew she did a lot when singing the verse and even mentioned it in her caption.

Willow Smith singing (Photo: @willowsmith)

She said, “here’s a little snippet of me being with a clay spot treatment on my face 😂.”

Fans expressed their thoughts of the performance in the comments section.

Some people felt Smith missed the mark on this one. One person said, “She keep falling in and out of missing those notes 😢,” and someone else said, “The fact that I love her father so much I will keep my opinion to myself period.”

Others felt the 20-year-old killed it. “U sound like an angel,” and “Your extra sounds better than a lot of ppl’s normal” were just a few compliments that she got. Another person weighing in just could not make up their mind on how they felt about the clip. “I’m trying to decide if I Like it Or not… 😭,” they said.

Although some may feel she needs a little practice on this particular note, no one can forget how a 10-year-old Smith took the world by storm with her song “Whip My Hair,” which stayed on the Billboard Hot 100 charts for 18 weeks.

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