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‘I Was Never Under Investigation’: ‘Black Ink Crew’ Star Bella Claims She’s Been Cleared By Police In Fly Tatted’s Death

Black Ink Crew: Chicago” star Bella continues to mourn the tragic and untimely passing of her boyfriend and “Black Ink Crew: Chicago” alum Fly Tatted. 

In a lengthy memo posted to her Instagram account on Sunday, Feb. 21, the reality star further addressed allegations that she played a role in the tattoo artist’s death. “Fly’s death was ruled a accidental suicide from the evidence and autopsy. I was NEVER under investigation, I never got arrested, I never went to jail, the detectives never once thought I did it after evidence proved I never touched the gun nor was next to him,” the reality star claimed in her post.

Bella, Fly Tatted. (Photos: @bellatatted/instagram, @fly_tatted1/instagram)

Bella went on to give insight into the tragic event, claiming that Fly’s “finger prints was on the gun and on 4 bullets that was on the floor.” The reality star said everything happened so fast that she could not stop Fly from taking his own life. She also addressed the backlash she garnered from critics on social media who pinned Fly’s death on her. 

“And while I was trying to get through losing my boyfriend right in front of me y’all decoded to lie on me and say he was murdered! When he wasn’t!” she wrote. She concluded her post by saying, “I’ve been trying to stay strong while seeing to over and over again in my head and y’all sitting up here wishing death on me! And I’m getting harassed with my 4yr old daughter out side everyday just because I witnessed my baby die in front of me, y’all are f-cking dumb and evil.”

In the caption, the reality star further slammed critics for trying to pin Fly’s death on her despite not getting any information from authorities. “Leave me alone now I’m just trying to heal and take care of daughter,” she wrote. “If y’all don’t have positive things to say to me about Fly then leave me alone and let me grieve.”

Bella Tatted. Photo: @bellatatted / @instagram

She later shared a video featuring moments the pair shared, including a clip that showed Fly doing Bella’s hair. “There will never be another You 💕 I love you and will always love you, you seen the best in me even at my worst, you were so smart and strong and different, never met anyone like you.,” she wrote.

(L-R) Fly Tatted. Bella Tatted. Photo: @bellatatted / @instagram

Bella’s post comes just a few days after she took to her Instagram page and shared a clip of herself disheveled and crying in front of the camera. It had been the first time the reality star had spoken out about the artist’s death.

As previously reported, Fly, whose real name is Elijah Muhammad-Bey, passed away this month after an apparent suicide attempt. “Black Ink Crew” co-stars Ryan Henry and Charmaine Bey were the first to share the horrific news. Ryan shared a second post claiming that he had initially misspoken and that Fly’s death was not a suicide but instead a homicide. He later deleted the post. Fly’s funeral took place on Monday, February 22.

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