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‘Don’t Dish It If You Can’t Take It’: Charlamagne Tha God Reacts to LaKeith Stanfield Taking Aim at Him

The long-standing rift between radio personality Charlamagne Tha God and actor LaKeith Stanfield is only growing wider as the two men continue to be at odds with each other over comments made on-air and on social media.

While Stanfield has commented about his recent frustrations with Charlamagne, it is a since-deleted video that garnered a reaction from the “Black Privilege” author: “Don’t dish it if you can’t take it, king. The brother has a bad habit of throwing rocks and hiding his hands.”

Photo: @breakfastclubam, @lakeithstanfield/Instagram

In the video Stanfield is seen shirtless, wearing baggy jeans and a black beanie while rapping and aiming a gun at photos of William O’Neal, the FBI informant he portrays in “Judas and The Black Messiah”, and Charlamagne on a computer screen.

“What LaKeith does is he gets online and he plays the victim, makes it seem like I’m always coming at him,” further explained Charlamagne in his response to the video.

Given the fact that he was seen pointing a gun at Charlamagne’s photo, Stanfield issued a statement on his IG that has since been deleted, stating: “I see they tryna frame it like I was serious even tho clearly I was having fun. Nobody trippin off y’all it’s always been fun (except for the time when you blatantly lied and said I did things I didn’t do on the red carpet – that was just irresponsible). I couldn’t possibly have beef with a radio personality that doesn’t even make sense. I have no interest in it. But when you say dumb things I’ll be here wit that thumpa”

The entire back-and-forth began when the actor took offense to the “Breakfast Club” co-host saying Stanfield was “born to play this role” of O’Neal, who helped with the assassination of Fred Hampton.

Stanfield caught wind of last week’s interview and took aim at Charlamagne on social with comments such as, “Hoes. This is what hoes do. Get sonned by reality. Get off me bro u a lame. Daniel ain’t an idiot. Leave me be dog and find somebody else @cthagod.”

While interviewing Stanfield’s cast mate David Kaluuya, who portrays Hampton, Charlamagne asked if he [Kaluuya] found himself “looking at LaKeith differently after the way he played this role because he did it too well.” Kaluuya opted to stay out of the thick of things between Charlamagne and Stanfield, and instead praised the actor for a job well done.

On social people responded to the ongoing feud between the actor and radio host.

“CTG you’re weak for going at him in an interview when he wasn’t there to defend himself.”

“Anybody sensing a pattern here with CTG?? 😂😂 seems like he’s always b****ing about someone or someone is always b****ing about him”

“Stop fighting before we put y’all in time out and we don’t care who started it.”

“Y’all both need to squash it.”

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