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Report: Malia Obama Joins Donald Glover’s Writing Team Following Actor’s New Deal with Amazon

Malia Obama reportedly has snagged a position as part of actor Donald Glover’s writing team, the Hollywood Reporter stated. The older daughter of former President Barack Obama landed the role as a writer on a forthcoming project from the “Community” star, the media outlet reported on Wednesday, Feb. 17. It also stated that Glover recently signed a multi-year, eight-figure overall deal with Amazon where he will executive produce multiple projects for Amazon and its streaming platform. The actor is ending his contract for the critically acclaimed series “Atlanta,” which is produced by FX Productions.

Glover has already begun working, as the report revealed that one of the projects he’s producing for Amazon would be titled “Hive.” Little is known about the potential series. However, it was created by “Watchmen” writer Janine Nabers, and it is rumored to be based around a Beyoncé-like figure. The report says that the project has “begun staffing a writers room,” and the former White House resident “is among those recruited to work on the series.” Amazon has yet to comment on the deal regarding Glover or the series.

Malia began her third year as a student at Harvard University in 2019. She is projected to finish her fourth year in May 2021 if she doesn’t graduate early.

To date, she has interned and worked on several television and film productions, including HBO’s “Girls” in 2015 when she was just 17, and she worked on actress Halle Berry’s CBS drama series “Extant.” 

The 22-year-old also interned with the Weinstein Company shortly after the former president left office in 2017 and purportedly just months before the #MeToo movement, a social movement against sexual abuse and sexual harassment of women, that largely led to the downfall of Weinstein Company founder Harvey Weinstein over three decades of reported sexual abuse allegations.

Not much is known about Malia or Sasha’s day-to-day lives, as the girls have remained relatively out of the public eye following their father’s departure from his White House duties. 

However, during an interview with InStyle in November 2020, the former president spoke a little about his daughters, giving a little insight on how they were shaping into young ladies. 

Obama described Malia as “just buoyant.” He added, “She’s somebody who enjoys people, enjoys life, and enjoys conversation. She’s never bored, which is a badass quality that can take you places.”

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