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‘Don’t Let 50 See This’: Fans Troll Teairra Mari About Owing 50 Cent After She Uploads Video of Herself Throwing Money at Her Man

Teairra Mari and her financial specialist boyfriend Nino are still going strong, but followers did not want to see Marie too happy without reminding her of another obligation that she needs to fulfill.

On Tuesday, Feb. 16, she uploaded an Instagram video that was four slides long of herself throwing money at her man while he was eating. In the video, she tells him “I love you, daddy,” and he responds “love you too” with a mouth full of food.

Teairra Mari’s boyfriend Nino and Teairra Mari. (Photos: @ninotaughtyou/Instagram, @misstmarie/Instagram)

She continues throwing money and asks him what he is eating. He says, “I don’t know.” She said, “and you aint even ask me if I wanted any.” He looks up and asks her if she wants some, but she declines because she speculates that there might be pork in the sandwich. She later starts singing “gon shake that a** b*tch I’mma throw this money” while still throwing money on him.

Some were confused about the purpose of the video and why Mari would think it was appropriate to throw money in her boyfriend’s face while he is eating. One person wrote, “I low key would be irritated like stop btc I’m tryna eat throwing that dirty ass money near my food.”

Someone else said, “Ok but if he throw that sandwich at her & pour the liquor on her..he gone be wrong. Got it.”

Others started trolling Mari, bringing up the fact that she still owes 50 Cent some money due to their court case.

“Don’t let 50 see this,” said one person, while another added, “She need to be throwing that money to 50😂😂😂😂.”

Some two years ago Mari was ordered to pay 50 Cent $30,000 to cover his legal fees after she lost her lawsuit against him for exposing explicit photos of her. The photos were initially leaked in 2018 by Mari’s ex-boyfriend Akbar Abdul-Ahad, and she said her ex and 50 were working together to “sexually objectify, threaten, intimidate, humiliate and degrade her.” 50 cent denied the claims, saying he only reposted what was already on the internet. Since Mari keeps stalling on giving the “21 Questions” rapper his money and will not hand over her bank records, the court also ordered her to pay him an extra $5,000, and it remains unknown whether she has paid it.

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